Friday, February 25, 2011

winter blues: cured

Can you feel the vitamin D?

Thursday morning, I totally got over myself and my winter blues. All I needed was some fun in the snow and unlimited sunshine with friends. We met up with Christine, McKayla, and Kristian for 3 hours of tubing in the sunshine.  Turns out, I love the Maine winter. 

McKayla and Skyler stuck together and away from the parents. They were so cute and independent. As Sam said, they are only a few years away from: "can you drop me off a block away?" I actually loved watching them do their thing and not need us (but as a result there aren't many photos of them).

Below are Reed and Kristian, who are two of the most active kids you'll ever meet, especially when together.  Yesterday, they stayed in this position for the whole 3 hours.  They were so chill and calm and well behaved.  

Here is the video. Just so you know, the kids had fun too. (If you click on "vimeo" you can watch it bigger)


Brooke said...

totally radical.

Frederique said...

so, so much fun!!! I wish I were here...

Jodi said...

This made me smile in a million different ways!!! What a great way to celebrate a tough season.