Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm "itching" to "run fast" in the "sunshine"

Itching:   Skyler woke up all itchy and covered in red bumps.  I figured, that since she was on Amoxicillin for an ear infection, that it was a reaction, but had to take her in to be sure.  The doctor said yes, side effect of the antibiotics, and we went home.  Skyler's bumps got redder and itchier and redder and itchier all day.  I tried to distract her from scratching and dressed her in a turtle neck, long pants, and socks.  I'm so annoyed because her ear infection wasn't that bad, and now she is just miserable.  She looks like this.

Run Fast:    I am super happy that I got a bib number for Beach to Beacon 10K in August.  I had thought I would have to miss it this year because of Michigan, but we are going a week later than usual.  The 6000 spots for this famous race were sold out in 8 minutes this year, and I didn't even try because I thought we'd be away.  Then my friend Doug gave me his bib and then we booked our tickets to Michigan to leave the evening of the race.

Aside from most of my running friends, I'll be joined by my friend Brooke who lives in Arizona and we are so excited to race together.  Both of us are anxious to break 1 hour and last year I missed by 45 seconds.  I am determined to do it this year.  I wanted to test myself today to see if I could hold the needed 9:40 pace.  I had a great outside run near my mom's and I was able to bring back a 9:38 pace for 5 miles, and that was without my ipod and on hills.  I worked hard for that pace and was spent, but I was psyched. 

Sunshine:  It was warm today and sunny enough that I could feel beautiful warmth on my face.  It feels so good.  BUT, the forecast calls for a snow storm on April Fool's Day (ha ha ha!!!) and my students are already placing bets on a snow day.  I don't even know what to say.  But at least the forecast is good for our half marathon on Saturday.  I am so looking forward to a day away with my friends, race, lunch, Freeport, freedom.  The very best words a wife can hear from her husband when she is discussing plans with her friends and how long she will be gone:  "You do whatever you need to do."  Amen, honey.  Saturday would be extra good if the sun does indeed shine.


Joanne said...

Sorry about Skyler. I too found out that I was allergic to Amoxicillin (during an ear infection - as an adult). No other way to know but to suffer through it - and the kicker is that it doesn't show until near the end of prescription time. Now you will always have to inform doctors of this.
Great news about your times and races. Stay strong - you'll be fantastic. Enjoy!

Emilie said...

Thanks so much, Joanne. Good to hear from you! Yeah, pretty brutal way to find out you don't tolerate medicine!

Brooke said...