Monday, March 28, 2011

it would be nice if my children had a little bit of personality.

First, Reed:

We've been working on getting Reed to stop saying "hate."  We teach him it's not okay to ever say hate when talking about a person.  Then I made the mistake of telling him it was only okay for him to hate things, like cancer or war.

And so, at least five times a day:  "Mommy, guess what?  I HATE cancer and war."  Except he pronounces war like "whirl" so all day, it's "I hate cancer and whirl!  I JUST HATE cancer and whirl!"

Reed is going through a terribly fussy clothing stage and will only wear comfy cotton pants with an elastic waist.  Skyler still lets me dress her, but Reed pitches a fit if I don't let him wear "comfies."  He has only 2 pair that he's happy with, so last week they were both in the wash and I wrangled him, screaming at me, into regular pants.  When he was dressed, he sat down in the corner and glared at me.  After a minute he said:

"Well, I don't like your hair!"


When I snuggle with Reed in his bed, or when he comes into our bed in the morning, he is constantly whispering to himself under his breath.  He goes on and on, talking to himself, and it's usually gibberish.  He is usually hard to understand, but I always try to hear what he's saying.  My previous favorite was when he cuddled into me and mumbled to himself:  "Oh, what's the point?" ???

But this week, he said very quietly to himself, while next to me in bed:  "My father is not crazy.  He's a genius."  And then, just to make it absolutely clear I wasn't dreaming he said:  "I told you, my father is not crazy.  He's a genius!"   Is this a line from a movie that Reed might have seen?  Seriously, is it?

 And now, the many faces of Skyler:

 I love the "invented spelling" stage.  This is a huge leap for Skyler who did this without asking me how to spell anything.  Here is the 2nd part translated:  "I go in the apple orchard.  Then I go home and have a nap.  When I wake up, my dad takes me to the forest.  Then I go home and I watch a movie and then I go to sleep.  When I wake up, I go to school."

And this one:  "Mom?  What is that thing that makes sentences more exciting?"  "You mean exclamation points?"  "Yes!"


Airy Nothing said...

Holy crap -- cuteness abounds at your house! Thanks for another entertaining and thoroughly lovely post!

FrauB said...

I had heard about the aversion to Real Pants before I had kids, and so I started with a "no soft pants" rule from the start--those things wear out in, like, one action-packed visit to a park! Sally doesn't care, but Gus is forever requesting soft pants. Comfies, softies--all the same.

Brooke said...

It's from Beauty and the Beast!!

Can I borrow Reed for a few days, just for his amazing entertainment value?!?

Emilie said...

that's it! Beauty and the Beast! And yes, Brooke, any time.

Kim Oldenburgh said...

Fun kids! I laughed out loud reading about Reed's antics! You have an amazing writer-isn't she in Kindergarten? I needed no translation of her writing. It's just amazing!!!! Send her my way in 2nd grade.
P.S. Congrats on the Beach to Beacon!

Emilie said...

yes, she is in kindergarten, thanks, Kim! I am never sure if that is good or not, so good to hear from you!

Elizabeth said...

Nothing like starting a new day with a burst of grandmotherly pride--and a few chuckles!! Never a dull moment at the Manharts.

Liz Fortier said...

I knew I had heard Reedo's phrase somewhere! It took me all of one minute to realize where it was from (Beauty and the Beast was one of my very favorites). Your kids are hilarious, love it :)

Eileen said...

Why do I see a lot of exclamation points in that little girl's future? :)

Both of your kids are totally adorable. On a related note, the word I have to type to "allow" my comment is "philynag," which is funny, since I'm from Philly.