Friday, March 18, 2011

winner, sunshine, and a beast of a run.

Thank you to my brother Chris for the new blog header!  I've been "One Mom in Maine" for 1 year today!

The Love ME T-shirt from BeerME goes to

Comment #20 came from:
Clearly, she has a deep love for Maine and deserves to show it!

Send me an email and I'll let you know how to claim your t-shirt!

While I'm taking screen shots, check this out.

Today's weather.  So glorious.  I opened all the windows and let my house take a deep breath.

And here is the beast I'm going to be tackling in the morning in a pack of 7 women and 1 lucky guy:
17 miles.  Mercy.


bodegabliss said...

No way.

I can't believe I won. I've never won anything! And I really love this shirt! (and Maine!) Thanks for hosting the contest, Emilie! I'll email you soon.

What a great way to end the week!

(wow, that was a lot of exclamation points)

Carver Fam said...

LOVE the new blog header!!!! Way to go Chris!!

Hope Reedo is feeling better and the pack of 8 on that beast of a run will include YOU.

Angela said...

Who's the hottie in the blog header? ;) Haha!! Love it and love the blog!

Kick some butt tomorrow, ladies!!

Nancy said...

Love the new header! Must be nice to have your own personal photographer/web designer (in addition to your own bad [by "bad" I mean so amazingly good] self).
I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow morning...but I'm really feeling pretty good about NOT joining you for any part of the "beast" (sorry!).

Jodi said...

Love the new header!!! :) good luck on the run!

Kristin said...

Header looks great! I woke up to huge snowflakes this morning. Hopefully those haven't made their way up to you to add another element of fun to your 17 miles.

Heather said...

I love the new header! Great pic!

Brooke said...

LOVE the new blog header!!

Frederique said...

Great new header! What a picture!

ann said...

What a great picture!!!!! Way to go Chris and Emilie!