Monday, March 14, 2011

pretend-it's-summer day!

We really packed in the fun on Sunday, and pretended it was summer all day long.  I started with a long run in the morning, then drove to the island for lunch on Bar Harbor, and even walked on the beach.   Bar Harbor was kind of a ghost town, but it was sunny and warm, there was no snow left there, and the salt-water air did good, good things for my spirits. 

We did some sneaky maneuvers so Reed didn't know where we were going, left him with Sam,  and just took Skyler for our special day trip.  She is such an easy car-rider and so cool to hang out with when she's the only kid around.

FYI for non-Mainers:  Bar Harbor is on MDI, "the island," which is also the home of Acadia National Park, and it is about an hour and a half from our house.  It is our key summertime destination, hence the perfect place for "pretend-it's-summer day"

We had lunch in Bar Harbor at one of the only restaurants open year-round (Geddy's), and then walked on the beach for a while.  Skyler found some snails and shells while I reveled in feeling sun on my face.

We also did a quick photo shoot for a new header for the blog, coming soon.  
I feel sad that my siblings are so far away and that my kids don't get to enjoy them more often.  The last few times I've seen Chris are times I've traveled without my kids, so Chris actually hadn't seen Skyler and Reed for 2 years.  You wouldn't have known it, though.  They wasted no time getting connected on this visit.  My kids adore him, climb all over him, and have am almost-crazy rolling giggle that they develop around him.   It's all about Uncle Chris right now, and they are none too happy about his return to California today.  We had a wonderful week all together. 

We raced back home in the afternoon so that I could get ready and cook for a dinner party for 7.

Again, we were pretending it was summer, so we had mojitos and chicken on the grill, potatoes and corn bread for dinner.  I really enjoyed the extra hour of daylight, too. 
Cheers, Chris!  Come again soon!  xoxox

BONUS deal:  If you need to do some shopping for summer clothes, here is a great coupon for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's " Give and Get."  The deal is that if you use this coupon between March 17-20 at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, or Gap Outlet you get 30% off, and 5% of your sale goes to Leukemia and Lymphoma, an organization near and dear to my heart.  Shop for a good cause!   Summer dress, anyone?


Sarah Woulfin said...

That mojito looks fabulous!

Carver Fam said...

Oh and there the mojito that put some groove in my step last night and made me slightly unsure this morning.

As always, your house is one of my FAVORITE places to eat! xo

Carly said...

We went out to Bar Harbor last April and it was really quite then and it was just so nice to walk out and soak up in the sun just like you folks did. Summer shall be here soon enough!

Liesel Stevens said...

Wish I could have been there!!
We pretended it was summer on a tropical island for our dinner party Saturday night. We had glasses of rum punch (with little umbrellas in them), put on some reggae, and our friend Steve wore a bikini top!
miss you.