Saturday, March 12, 2011

some shots from the week

We went to a 3-D movie and they kept the glasses.
Uncle Chris is here from California, and my kids are in love.
Skyler is a swimming machine.
The kids got new running shoes and we went for a run at the Rec Center at UMaine.
Skyler has run 1 mile before.  Today she ran 2 miles.  And she smiled the whole way.  Somehow my little baby girl has these super long legs.
2 miles done.  Phew!  Resting up with Uncle Chris.

Other little tidbits:  We've had a lot of great meals with Chris here, and he just cooked us an amazing dinner and I'm really full and sleepy and happy.  Sam is swimming in a meet today and we're hoping he did well.  Chris and I went to see True Grit and it was excellent.  My mom is feeling pretty good and is really happy to have Chris here.  The temps have been rising, the snow is melting, and everything is starting to thaw out.  I plan to do my long run in the morning and I might not need a hat.  Good night!


Allie @ Healthy Balance, Healthy Life said...

I have fallen in love with Skyler through your blog. What a sweet, yet strong, girl! She seems like an old soul. Thanks for sharing!

Carly said...

We were at the rec center at the same time today. Seeing your pictures makes me realize that I saw Skyler running on the track. Good for her!

lee said...

She ran 2 miles? That's more than my husband can run!