Friday, March 25, 2011

Spirit Week and other news

This week was the much-anticipated Spirit Week at Skyler's school during which kids were asked to dress up according to the day's theme. We had a lot of fun with this.

Monday: Silly Clothes Day!

Tuesday:  Wacky Hair Day, pictured with Ella.  Skyler would not let me do anything more than a few random hair clips.  Though she did say:  "Mom, you are always telling me my hair is crazy, so how about we just don't brush it?"
Wednesday:  Dress like your favorite sports team day:  (7 days until opening day!  woot woot!)

Thursday:  Pajama Day!  Skyler was so excited for this one, and we even got her new pajamas, and then she was sick.  She has an ear infection and got sent home early on Wednesday with a fever, so she went to my mom's and spent the day (in pajamas, actually) but no photos.

Friday:  School color day!  Her face says:  "I'm trying to feel all better!"

In other news, I have been sick this week and have only run once.  I DO NOT LIKE THIS.  Last weekend, I decided to register last minute for Eastern States 20 Miler which takes place this Sunday.  We have 18 miles on the training calendar anyway (what's 2 more?), and three of my running girls were going, and I got talked into it on account of the course runs through 3 states (ME, NH, MA) and that offers with it some bragging rights, wouldn't you say?

I registered on Monday and started to feel sick on Tuesday.    My feeling today is that I could do it, but it would not be responsible.  I DO NOT LIKE BEING RESPONSIBLE nor do I like wasting registration fees, nor do I like missing fun days with my friends.  I haven't decided what I'm doing yet.  I may drop down to the half marathon distance?  I may not go at all?  But I really want to. 

In the meantime, I'm popping vitamin C, echinacea, spinach, and carrot juice and hoping for the best.  Cough, cough.



Michelle said...

Ugh! I feel your pain! Meredith and I keep trading off with each other with the sick thing. I thought we were finally BOTH going to be well for tomorrow's 19 miler but then she called me sniffling.

Carly said...

Hope you feel better soon!