Sunday, March 20, 2011

week 10: check

 We rounded out the week with all sole sisters in attendance for our 17 mile, hilly, chilly run. 

The one lucky tall guy who ran with us is Christine's friend John whom she met at in a training group at the Y.  This is pretty amazing:  In September, John couldn't run 1 mile.  Over the last several months he lost 60 pounds and is training for a half marathon.  He ran 11 of our 17 miles with us and did great!

It was a mixed bag of a run for everyone else.  Suzanne and Susan felt strong the whole way, or so it seemed, and the rest of us were hurting by about mile 13 and then faced the longest, windiest, coldest part of the run that was still hilly.  I was just over it by that point and wanted to be done.  My legs were plain old tired and my ipod had no charge.  Blah, blah, blah.  I walked up some hills and felt sorry for myself.

The wind was very strongly in our faces during that last stretch; Christine thought she had frostbite on her nose and Jen lost feeling in one side of her face and thought she might have had a stroke.  We tend to be very dramatic.  

I had a sad realization that maybe running 17 miles will never feel easy, but I keep thinking it's going to happen one of these times.  What can I do, but just keep trucking.  I was a hurtin' unit after that run and my whole body ached from head to toe.

It was cold and even snowed a little at one point.   Christine was carrying some serious icicles in her pony tail.  By the time we got the camera they had mostly melted, but we took a picture just to show her anyway. 
Suzanne baked some post-run banana bread that we ate right up.  About 30 seconds after this photo was taken, I was downing coffee, advil, and heading into the shower.  I was soaked to the bone, every layer was dripping wet. 
I survived the weekend without Sam who swam at the big Masters Championship meet at Harvard all weekend.    Because he was gone, I had Marlee over to babysit while I ran (what a trooper, she got up sooo early!).  She made french toast and smoothies for the kids while we were gone and grabbed the camera to document it (bless her!)

I took the kids to the UMaine Rec Center pool for the afternoon so I could plant myself in the hot tub while they swam, and that totally did the trick.  I was feeling fine a couple hours later, and I feel great now.  We had a super action-packed day, and I even managed to wear Jackson out, so we're ready to turn in early tonight.

Have a great week, everyone.  Happy SPRING!  (snow forecasted for tomorrow.)


Carly said...

Love the new blog header. :-)

Michelle said...

Hey there! I love the new header too!
Sounds like we had the wind in common on our runs yesterday. I'm sure our wind was not as cold as yours but it still sucks to have to run INTO it. We had to run the last 6 miles directly into it and when I made that last turn to run the last .5 miles the silence from FINALLY no head wind was really, really loud!! Does that even make sense?

Airy Nothing said...

Congrats on the blustery 17-miler! What an accomplishment!

Elizabeth said...

I don't think the long runs ever FEEL easier. I always feel like I am struggling the last 3 miles of whatever long distance I am doing, whether it's 17 or 22 miles. But my time is faster, so some how, some way I must be a stronger runner than the last time I trained for a marathon (that's what I am hoping anyway). Still hurts like hell though and I am envious of my running buddy who seemingly breezes through those long runs and holds back her pace for me.