Sunday, March 13, 2011

week 9: check

Another week done!  And I got to do a long run with 4 out of the 6 of us.  I did wear a hat after all but it was much warmer than what we're used to, starting out at 35 and warming into the 40s.  I  loved running with the girls again.  We did our  usual 10 mile loop in Bangor.  I had to stop at 10 miles, even though we were supposed to run 11 this week, because I ran out of time and was supposed to be home in a few minutes to meet up with my mom and Chris for our Sunday outing (pics coming). 

Nothing too eventful this week:  melting snow, milder temps, fighting a head cold but feeling strong on my runs.  I'm getting close enough to the marathon that I'm starting to have finish line fantasies when I run.  I can still make myself cry just thinking about crossing the line.  I can also make myself cry just thinking about fresh green leaves on the trees.

See that dirty snow?  That pretty much sums up the scenery around here.  But the fresh air sure felt good this morning.   Have a good week, you all!


Frederique said...

So here you are the mighty four and look fabulous after a 10 miler just as if you had just returned from a stroll on the boardwalk! I sure don't look this good after an 8 miler!!!