Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's

This is the view out my side door.  Yesterday it was 50 degrees and sunny and almost all the snow was gone, and today school was canceled and we are expecting 15 inches of snow.  Oh how I wish that I were joking.

I am running a half marathon tomorrow if I can get there.  When I registered for this race in January it never occurred to me (joke's on me) that we'd have a snow storm to contend with.  I thought that maybe I would be running in shorts.  Hilarious!

On Wednesday, I wrote about Skyler's rash from amoxicillin.  Turns out it was a full-on allergic reaction that went from bad to so so much worse.  All day Wednesday her spots got itchier and redder until they were hives covering her (literally) from her scalp to the tips of her toes.  On Thursday morning when she woke up her lips were swollen, her cheeks were all puffed out and bright red, and her whole body was on fire with painful bumps.  When I saw her I almost had a heart attack, and then she started throwing up and I had ten heart attacks because all of a sudden I wondered if her insides were all messed up too.

Sam took the day off to take her to the doctor, I went to work and worried.  The doctor said this will all run its course, but that it may take 2 weeks for her skin to clear.  She has lesions inside her mouth and hives on her eyelids, in her ears, and every other imaginable place.  I'd never seen a reaction quite like this before, but now we know never to give her these antibiotics again.  My poor, poor, sweet girl.  She was so pathetic and I did not deal well with seeing her in such bad shape, not knowing exactly where we were headed with all of this.  The doctor asked me on the phone to check to make sure her tongue wasn't swelling and I broke into a cold sweat.

Once again, I experienced a tiny taste of what it must be like to have a very sick child, and I'm left with feeling blessed and thankful that this too shall pass.  She is slightly less red today and I was glad to give her another day at home, and now she has the weekend to hopefully heal some more.

Benadryl is our best friend right now, as she is so itchy that it's driving her (and me, just watching her) crazy.  This morning I gave her a dose of Benadryl just before she wanted to go out to play in the snow.  A few minutes passed after she had gotten dressed and then I found her here fast asleep.

"Thy drugs are quick." (name that allusion!)

In happier news, I ate a great sandwich for dinner last night while Sam was at his swim team banquet:
 A whole wheat wrap with turkey, brie, apples and spinach.  Delicious.
And we made a batch of really good juice too:

Our juice contained:

5 huge carrots, 2 mangoes, 1 lime, 1 apple, 1 pear, and 3 oranges.

Look at the color on that mango.  Yum.
Cheers.  Here's to clear roads and healing children!


Jen said...

Who would've thought we'd all have yet another snow day just before this race!!! I'm bringing shorts tomorrow just in case. I ran in shorts yesterday and it was glorious!

Looking forward to tomorrow's race.

bodegabliss said...

Oh that must be so tough to see her like that! And so tough to BE like that! Poor girl! But it sounds like she's handling it like a trooper. I can't imagine what she's feeling like. I hope she heals soon.

Hope you make it to the race!

Elizabeth said...

What a relief that Skyler is on the mend. She showed us once again that she is a brave little girl--I don't think I heard her complain once.

Loved the bright color of your orange/mango drink. Today's newspaper had a long article about all the artificial dyes used by food manufacturers to make their products more marketable. Wish you could show them how to do it with natural, healthy products.

Natalie said...

That is an allusion to Romeo and Juliet from just after Romeo drinks his poison. Just finished reading it with my honors and start with the rest of my kids this week.

Poor, poor girl! Sad to be so sleepy, but also a good way to get better and to gain respite from the pain/itching.

Emilie said...

that's my former student right there... getting the R and J allusion! :)

Jodi said...

oh my gosh, poor Skylar! Feel better soon!!! Lots of luck on the race tomorrow :)

Lee said...

Oh Sklyer, I hope she feels better soon.

Two Maine Moms said...

You have been nominated for a Stylish Bloggers Award by Two Maine Moms!