Tuesday, April 19, 2011

family vacation, day one.

 We drove down to Boston today for a family vacay.  I'm very happy to be surrounded by new scenery, and I'm loving every minute of seeing the kids' eyes all wide to a new place. We have a nice view of the Boston skyline from our hotel and they are fascinated by the city lights.  I swear that driving through the tunnel on 93 south into the city was enough of a thrill for them, especially Reed who was gasping with delight the whole time. 

We spent our afternoon settling in;  then  Sam and the kids swam in the pool while I ran on the treadmill (it was raining) and then my dear friend Jae (college, NELP, San Francisco, life) who lives in Boston picked us up and took us out for Korean food. 

 Jae ordered all of the food for us.  I love to let someone else make all the decisions (occasionally), and the food he chose was delicious.  We had seaweed salad and a tofu dish (below) and then a huge platter of Korean chicken, some really spicy, and some in a soy garlic sauce.  The kids chowed the chicken.  Yum.

Skyler as photographer.

Jae swung us by Fenway on our way back to the hotel.  The Sox are out of town, but we said hello to these guys anyway.

You can tell by this picture what a good guy Jae is, can you not?  I love him.
There are a lot of people in our hotel wearing Boston Marathon jackets sporting their post-marathon glow and I'm trying really hard not to corner all of them in the elevator and say:  "oh my god, how was it?  was it amazing?  did you love it?  are you so happy?  did you PR?"  I am jealous of their cool jackets, and they all seem to be really good looking too.  

The kids are tired, and I'm somehow poaching free internet in our hotel.  Day one:  success!


Angela said...

We were in Boston for the Marathon last year. There were people in marathon jackets EVERYWHERE the night before and out hotel was packed with runners! The energy was amazing! (We were there for a Sox game, not the marathon)

Hope you guys continue having lots and lots of fun!!


Carly said...

What a wonderful place to take your kids. I was lucky and grew up 45 mins. outside of the city, but I didn't really start visiting more until I started dating my husband. Such an awesome place!