Thursday, April 21, 2011

family vacation, day two.

imitating the seal
touching the stingrays
patiently waiting for the shark to circle back around.
way too much dessert
sugar high
At the Aquarium today we chose to institute a one-on-one defense, and I lost the coin toss so I got Reed.  I didn't see Skyler or Sam until the end of our visit because we quickly lost them in the crowds. 

It was awesome to explore with Reed and to see his reactions to the sharks, the stingrays, and (his very favorite part) seeing the divers feeding the fish and sharks in the giant tank, but I'm lucky we didn't lose him.  It was so packed in there and he was just happily and cluelessly wandering from exhibit to exhibit while I tried frantically to stay with him.  Thankfully, we got an early start and only waited 40 minutes to get in.  We heard from others today that the wait was 2 hours + just to get in later in the day.  That's some serious dedication to aquatic life, people. 

We've noticed some cool things on this trip as a result of our kids being a little bit older:  I sat in the hot tub next to the pool yesterday for an hour while the kids swam.  I could see them both, but I didn't need to be right next to them in the water.  Also, they are handling themselves in restaurants.  It's not totally smooth, and there are still stern reminders about how we don't climb under the table and how we use our inside voices, but they are pulling it off and it's not completely stressful for us.  We ate at the Cheesecake Factory which had a kid's menu but was still sufficiently fancy to make them think it was a terrifically big deal.  You know our standards for vacation have lowered when Sam and I are both thrilled to see that the restaurant serves milk in cups with lids.

At dinner I was saying that I love vacation because I don't have to think about dishes or laundry, so when we have down time, I don't feel like there are 99 things I should be doing.  Skyler added:  "Yeah, and you don't have to scrub the lamps!"  (??)  I guess all I needed was a break from all of that lamp scrubbing.

It's been pretty cold and gray while we've been here, but we hear it snowed or hailed or something in Maine yesterday, so that's just fine.  We've been so busy taking in the sights to mind the weather much.  Off for a run.


Natalie said...

AHAHAHAHAHA. I lost the coin toss and got Reed. Still chuckling about that one! The Boston Aquarium is so fun! I went there a few years ago and was enchanted as an adult, so I can just imagine how much your kiddos loved it!

Michelle said...

Sheesh! I guess I'm not as good a house keeper as you :) I must admit to never having scrubbed a lamp before. Seriously, I laughed out loud at that one :)
Glad you all are having such a nice time!

Brooke said...

Oh, thank you for this post and giving me a glimmer of hope. I am drowning over here and feeling helpless, like I will never emerge a normal person. It's nice to know, from someone I can relate with, that kids DO grow up and aren't as high maintenance. It just feels like that will never happen right now!!!