Monday, April 25, 2011

monday head.

The best thing about Reed's longer hair is that he wakes up with these tremendous hair sculptures that cannot be tamed with a comb. 

Vacation is over and it's back to work.  I'm really ready for this last stretch of the school year.  It's actually my favorite time of the year because there is such a flurry of activity and wrapping-up that it moves really quickly.  The seniors have so much excitement about graduation.   I actually enjoy the balance of trying to get in everything that I can, while also letting up a little and letting them enjoy the last month of high school.   They are totally going to quote me on that.

The kids had a great week and got filthy-dirty playing outside each day; I am always sad to send them back to school after getting them to myself all day, but I think the routine is good for everyone.

Last evening something amazing happened.  Since the kids were born, Sam and I have often talked about how tiring the evening routine can be, and we would fantasize about what it would be like to say to the kids: " go take a shower!"  Last night we tried it out with Skyler, and she did indeed (after checking with me to make shampoo goes on before conditioner), went upstairs, took a shower, combed her hair and put on pjs and came down.  She was SO proud, and we were too. 

But just to balance out this step toward independence, Skyler has started to get quite a big-girl attitude when she gets into trouble.  We had some words with her about something this weekend and she marched up to her room in protest.  I said to Sam:  "I think we are in the stomping-away-mad stage."  Sam said:  "Don't worry, that will only last until she's 40."  So very true.

I'm pumped for marathon taper and am in a generally very happy and excited mood, for there are many good things on the horizon.

Here is the first of many favorite inspirational quotes in prep for the marathon.

Whatever you can do,
Or think you can, begin it.
Boldness has power, and genius,
And magic in it.
- Goethe


Jen said...

Reed's hair looks awesome!

Thank you for passing my name along to yogatorun! I think I'll love doing some yoga. -- Jen

jenn said...

Cute Reedo!

This quote by Goethe hung in my bathroom for many years before inspiring some bold changes in my life. :)

Elizabeth said...

Your Dad would be so happy that Goethe is on your radar screen--would you like it in German???