Sunday, April 10, 2011


This weekend's Bangor Daily News had an article about my running group.  We thought it was pretty awesome.

One of my favorite parts is at the end of the first part, it says:  See 'Sisters' D7.  I love that.
You can read the full text of the article here.

In marathon training news, today's long run was a 19-miler and I swear that today was the very first long run where weather was not a negative force.  It was gorgeous.  We started at 6 am, so it was pretty cold still (27 degrees) but we gained about 20 degrees over the course of the run.  We did a 9.6 mile loop 2 times for a total of 19.3.  Four of the sole sisters were able to run with us, plus John who practically is a sole sister by now.  :)

Suzanne did her run on Thursday (which you already know if you read the article!) so she came out to find us, offer water and support.  She found us at, if you would like to know, 15.67 miles, and snapped some photos.  Jen and I may or may not have cried when we saw her car pull over to the side of the road.  Did I mention that our emotions run high on long runs?
Pit stop.

Up until this point in the run, I was pleasantly surprised to be feeling strong considering I've been fighting something all week.  I started getting a little over-confident about how good I felt, and then I started to really hurt at mile 17.  2 miles left, and it was mostly downhill, and I was really sore.  I made sure to keep reminding myself that it was my legs that hurt, and that my mind was still clear.  I wasn't going to let those mental demons get me down at that point, so I just let it be my legs that hurt.  Just my legs.

I missed one run this week due to not feeling well but am very happy about today's long run.  And even happier when I drove home and found a totally clean, empty, quiet house.  Sam had cleaned up and then taken the kids out to the park so I could shower, refuel, and pull myself together before they all got back.  I appreciated that so much.  I had some advil and sat in the porch in a tank top in the sunshine.

We spent the rest of the day outside in the 60 degree sunny day.  The kids are filthy and quite pleased about it.

Tonight is Red Sox-Yankees. But first we are having chili dogs for dinner and then s'mores on our camp fire on the patio.  I have a post-long-run buzz.  I'm just a little bit happy.  Week 13:  CHECK.


SNW said...

Not sure about the article's title BUT how exciting! And nothing better than Sunday morning runner's high. I'm in my bathrobe enjoying it right now! (time difference and all.) xo

Carly said...

Cool article. And today was just perfect. I got my bike out and it was glorious! Enjoy that long run high. :-)

Brooke said...

Rock star!

Joanne said...

Wonderful article! Sooo, was it an inside scoop about the Sole Sisters website coming soon?! Exciting - if it is.
I love what you wrote about "just my legs" that hurt and not mental demons. That is the big thing that keeps me from being consistent and pushing through to developing a "lifestyle" and committment to running. Also I need to find running sisters out here. I'm wondering if your sisters fight through the same demons and have you all pretty much worked through understanding your bodies and mental strength? I know you can not speak for them - just wondering, as you all support each other well. Maybe you can respond in general some time . . . or on a group website hint, hint, get cracking on that!
(please tell us you own the domain - I hope so!) All the best - keep healthy!

Emilie said...

Thank you! Joanne, we all struggle with this and talk about it ALL the time. We share distraction techniques and mantras and ipod playlists very often in order to keep us out of our heads... it's the hardest thing for me about long distance running, but I'm getting better at it I think. Not sure what's happening with a sole sister website, actually, but we're thinking about it. happy running!

Elizabeth said...

Nice job on your long run. The weather was nice here too. It was nice not to bundle up.

Carver Fam said...

We need to own that domain name! How true! And yes we all struggle (except maybe Susan) with running demons but have learned to take them in stride I would say.

Michelle said...

I wanted to ask you to talk a little bit on how you decide to run together. Do you all run the same pace? How does that play out for your training runs and on race day? Do you talk about it before hand? What do you expect from each other on training runs and race day?

Trying to keep pace with someone is hard sometimes and I wondered how you and the "sisters" deal with it?

Meredith and I had a great long run on Saturday too. We are now on the backside tapering down till the big day!!!
So exciting!

Emilie said...

Hey Michelle,
Our deal is that we pretty much stick together for training runs and then do our own thing on race day. There are too many of us to stay together and there are so many variables that would affect individual paces. On training runs we sometimes spread out a little bit but then regroup at certain stopping points like an intersection. It works out just fine that way. I can't quite remember if we ever all talked about this or if it just happened naturally. So excited for you and Meredith... can't wait for the pictures and race report!