Friday, April 22, 2011

week 15: check

Suzanne and I tackled our 20 miler on Friday morning on a cool but sunny day.  I'm not going to lie:  It felt good for a while and then it felt really, really bad.  I am boring even myself with all of the thoughts that I have recylced and regurgitated so many times already, so I'll spare you and keep this short.

The course was really lovely, quite hilly, but pretty.  Suzanne, who mapped the run, announced that the course only had 3 big hills.  I would like to amend that statement and suggest that the course actually had 4 gigantic hills and 99 medium-big hills.  Up and down.  Up and down.  Up and up and down.    Amy found us at mile 10 and gave us cold water and bananas and her always-kind words,  and Suzanne had planted a cooler at mile 14 with more cold water and bananas.  These things really helped.

 I felt like I was barely moving during the last 4 miles and I had deep and painful aches in my quads and hips and the arches of my feet.  Our splits reveal that we actually did fine overall, and didn't slow down as much as it felt like we did, but damn.  At mile 19, I was getting myself into a very bad place when all of a sudden Amy and Jen were standing in the parking lot of the pool waving their arms around and cheering and it gave me just enough of a boost to get me home.  The whole last portion of the run, I imagined myself lying face down on my driveway as soon as I got there, and I would have except that I had to drive Suzanne home, because she ran to my house which made her total a whopping and impressive 22 miles. (how rude, she was not interested in walking home).

Running 20 + miles is hard for me.  Period.  The end.  

BUT.. it's taper time!  3 more weeks until the marathon.  That should be enough time for me to develop a more positive attitude about running the thing.


M. Louise Cunningham said...

You are such an inspiration to me! I managed to jog a quarter mile tonite and thought I was gonna die.. lol Obviously nothing like what you have to endure on these training runs! Keep up the awesome work!

Carver Fam said...

I love us.

I would have loved to have seen you face down in the driveway.

And, I know it WAS rude of me to not want to walk home.

And I love this picture of us.

Good work. I'm so glad we were out there together. And then that we curled up in blankets on my backyard adirondack chairs in the sun and did a postmortem about our run while I kids played happily. Only you and I could dissect it limb by limb for 90 minutes.

Brooke said...


Truman Soloist said...

It's funny (weird, strange) that the routes you are running are the same as those I've ridden on the bike (but I would consider it dangerous to be out running on those roads and never give it a second thought whilst on 2 wheels). Keep going, you can do it!