Friday, April 15, 2011

a whole new whirl.

Never in my eleven years in Maine have I felt so strongly that we really EARNED our spring.  The winter was long, snowy, cold, and due to my mom's illness, painful.    And now the temps are (slowly but surely) warming up, the leaves are starting to bud, the windows are open all day, and I'm no longer terrified to open our bills for heating oil, and my mom is feeling great.  Hallelujah, praise the green grass, thank you mother nature, winter has passed.  Did I mention it's the Friday before April vacation?

Some things about the kiddos:

Reed is ever the emotionally complex child and has started to again have a hard time when I leave him at school.    I swear that kids just conspire to make sure our heart strings don't catch a rest and to keep us guessing all the time.  He can be so naughty and frustrating, and then he cries and clings to my shoulders when I leave him at school, and then I have to go work with his sad little husky voice in my head saying:  "Mama!  I need you!"  Like I said, he's very complex.  Last evening I was cooking dinner while the kids played in the yard and when I went out to check on them, Reed was naked but for his dinosaur rain boots, and sitting in the huge puddle in our neighbor's driveway.  He later spit at me (oh yes) for taking something away from him, and said once again:  "Well, I don't like your hair!"

But he kind of makes up for all of that with this:   Reed's new thing is to sing earnestly in the car along to the Disney Princess CD that Skyler checked out of the library.  He loves track #3, "A Whole New World" which is from Aladdin, but he thinks it's from the movie Hercules, which he calls "Park-ules."  So when Reed says:  "Can we sing Parkules again?"  I know he means Hercules which means Aladdin.

Do you guys who are parents think about things like this?  Like, if Sam and I die, who will know that when Reed asks for Parkules he really means Aladdin, and when he asks for his "black comfies" and his "flash ups" and "brown up shirt" that he actually means blue soft pants, spider man sneakers, and yellow shirt with the brown motorcycle? Or that when you fix bagels with cream cheese for Skyler and Reed, Skyler's has to be open faced but Reed's has to be like a sandwich, but if its peanut butter and jelly, that Skyler's has to be a sandwich and Reed's has to be open faced?  Seriously, how could they survive without me?

Anyway, on the way to school, we can listen to "A Whole New World" about 3 times and Reed's little voice sings along:

"I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did
You last let your heart decide?"

Of course, he sings:  "I can show you the whirl."   It's really quite adorable.  And when I get back into the car after he cries when I leave him at school, that song is still playing and it makes me really really sad.  Hello, April Vacation:  I've been waiting for you.

Warmer evenings have brought with them a new routine, even on weeknights.  It looks like this:

Life is good.  And Skyler needs a hair cut.  But look at that oozing marshmallow.

By the way, it took almost two full weeks, but Skyler's skin is all cleared up after her amoxicilin reaction.   I'm still (3 weeks!) fighting a cold, so that has been annoying.  I'm determined to get all better now, especially considering in one more week, we begin marathon taper.

Can't get enough of these lately for immunity boosting and overall goodness:

 I'm running 12 miles today after school, and then we gear up for our last big week that ends with 20 miles.  Only a handful of more hours and we'll be on vacation.  We have some fun things planned, so stay tuned.


Michelle said...

Yay for spring break!!!
You and Todd must be on the same schedule :)