Friday, May 13, 2011

decision made.

I tossed and turned about the Sugarloaf Marathon last night and woke up still feeling badly and knowing what I had to do. This is not just a cold; I have some kind of virus that has sapped me of my energy.  I was winded after walking from my car to the front door of the school this morning.  I cannot run a marathon.  It actually didn't feel like a choice because I am sick enough that it just isn't possible.  I'm not running Sugarloaf.

I spent some time being mad at the universe and feeling sorry for myself (and crying just a little).

Over the course of the past 24 hours, I've been busy scheming, and I've come up with my back up plans and now I feel much, much better.

Plan ARun the Sugarloaf Marathon healthy and strong.

Plan B:  Run the Vermont City Marathon in Burlington, VT in 2 weeks.  I should be good to go by then.   And may God bless Hal Higdon, because there is even a training plan for this very scenario!

Two of my girls, Jen and Christine, were already planning on running Burlington, and I'm going to join them.  I bumped into my friend Karen today and when I told her the plan to run Burlington again, she quipped "Oh, good, because you had such a good time doing that last year."  Yes, I'm a little scared of that marathon since last year was a struggle, but I'm going to go for it.  And if Jen and Christine can run Burlington after running a marathon 2 week earlier, then I can certainly do it, right?

Once plan B was firmly in place, I began to feel a lot less sorry for myself, and then just in the last few hours, I have hatched two more plans.

Plan C:  Get over myself and go cheer for my friends running the marathon at Sugarloaf.

I am starting to feel a little better, and I got Sam's blessing to go on with them. And then once I knew I was going to Sugarloaf for the weekend, I started to hatch another plan.

Plan D:  Run the 15K instead of the marathon.  Sugarloaf hosts both a marathon and a 15K which runs the last 9.6 miles of the marathon course.  IF I feel better by Sunday morning, I will run 9.6 miles and then settle in to wait for my girls to cross the finish line.  It will even earn me a shirt and medal for my efforts.

I've almost totally lost my voice with the combination of my cough and all of the processing I've been doing, so I better shut up now and watch the Sox game and get ready to drive to Sugarloaf tomorrow.
Thanks for all of the kind thoughts and healing energy... I have felt it!


Jen said...

I'm very sorry you have been so sick. Looks like you've got an incredible plan! Hope to see you at the finish line on Sunday - even if the weather looks wet!

Anonymous said...

Love that Hal! Who knew there would be a plan to postpone? (Susan)

Tracy said...

Oh Emilie - that is such a huge disappointment when you've worked so very hard for something and your body just can't do it. For what it's worth, I think you've made the right (and responsible) choice in not running this one. Who knows? If you did forge ahead, you might end up even further behind than if you had just let this virus run it's course - as a member of the cheering squad ~ feel better soon!

elizabeth said...

SO sorry to hear that you've been sick, and will have to miss the marathon (frown)...BUT there's no such thing as a bad day at Sugarloaf...! Even in the middle of January! Even when its sleeting at the top!Even with all the blackflies in the mud season... Even...even..even..even if you trained your ass off for a marathon that you can't run in! Have FUN up there! And the drive is at least half the fun, right? Please think of me for a minute as you round 'Oh my Gosh' corner and she comes into full view...that would be great! Have Fun! And kick a** in Burlington in a couple weeks! : ) ~Elizabeth

Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear that you are under the weather and will not run the marathon on May 15 as planned. Sounds like the right decision to me, and I am very happy that you have another one lined up in two weeks! That is awesome! Things always happen for a reason. Get well and enjoy that marathon in 2 weeks.

Brooke said...

I am so sorry this has happened to you. But, I LOVE the attitude! When life hands you lemons...

Have a great weekend, Emilie. I will be thinking of you!

Elizabeth said...

This is Elizabeth #3, the one who happens to be your Mom. Plan B is so sensible and responsible that I can only feel relief that first, you are feeling better, then that you are feeling less sad and making such good choices. So many have felt your pain over this dilemma--and are now happy that you have a new plan. Love you!!

Kristin said...

Good plan, girl. Lots of good thoughts for this weekend and your new upcoming race!

Amy said...

Aw crap. I'm so bummed out for you...I'm running VCM in two weeks and I've got to say (shhhh....don't tell your friends....) it's 1,000,000x cooler than Sugarloaf.

Goodl luck with whatever you decide :)