Monday, May 23, 2011

dinner is served.

Last month, our school held a fundraiser and silent auction for the Japan Earthquake victims.  My friend Susan and I donated to the auction a "gourmet dinner for six with dessert."

I should pause here to say that Susan (one of my sole sisters and a colleague of eleven years) and I are very like-minded in many ways.  On any given day at work, I might be teaching a lesson that I got from her and she might be teaching a lesson that she got from me. We share ideas freely and have so similar a teaching style that our lesson plans are practically interchangeable. That is, we like to teach the same books in the same ways.  Because we teach next door to each other, I can sometimes hear her say something and know what lesson she is teaching because I have used it recently too.  It is quite an amazing benefit to have a colleague like that.

Also, on any given night she might be cooking something at her house that I would cook at my house.  We have the same tastes in healthy foods and do a lot of recipe swapping.  It was very easy to coordinate this meal together since we do so many projects at work together and like all of the same foods.

Maybe we are actually the same person.

A local family who won our meal at the auction asked us if we would make the dinner for eight and skip the dessert, which was fine with us.  The couple was having a dinner party with eight guests and we did the cooking.  How cool is that?  (for them, and for us!)

This weekend, Susan and I prepped, cooked, and delivered our hot meal to the eight people who were waiting for it. We had given them three menu choices in the weeks before the dinner party.  The choices we offered:

Option 1:  Chicken Marbella: Roasted chicken first marinated in oil, vinegar, capers, and herbs, then baked with olives, prunes, and added brown sugar and white wine.

New Potatoes tossed with pesto

Spinach Salad with red onion, blue cheese and toasted walnuts

Option 2:  Butternut Squash Lasagna

Roasted Asparagus and Arugula Salad with Shallot Vinaigrette

Option 3:  Spicy Sauteed Talapia with Parsley and Cherry Tomatoes

Greek Pasta Salad with Olive Tapenade and Feta

Roasted Vegetables:  Asparagus, Onions, Brussel Sprouts and Zucchini

They chose Option 3, we divvied up the shopping list, did some prep at home on our own, and then got together in Susan's kitchen to pull it all together.

While chopping onions and tomatoes, if you didn't already see this coming, we started daydreaming about catering like this for other dinner parties.  We figured we'd happily cook a feast for someone else's dinner party once a month or so.

So, we're just putting this out there.  Maybe, if you are local,  you would like to host a dinner party, sit around and leisurely sip wine with your guests, and just as you are ready to sit down at the table, Susan and I would show up at your door with a hot delicious meal at a reasonable price?  Or we could drink wine in your kitchen while we cook for you right at your house.  We also bake some mean pies.  Seriously.  Let us know.  We just might start doing this on the side.

Underneath the garlicky cherry tomato sauce on the long platter are 8 talapia fillets prepped in a spice rub of paprika, pepper, crushed red pepper, and coriander.  It smelled awesome.

We actually had a great time cooking together, which means the food tasted better because it is made with love and friendship and good cheer.  Maybe we'll call ourselves:  Love and Friendship and Good Cheer Catering. Too wordy? 

The food will be healthy, fresh, and delicious.  You know where to find me!


kristin marie said...

I'd love that recipe for the butternut lasagna if you'd give it out. Sounds delicious! I also love that you're offering to drink wine in someone else's kitchen and if it counts, I vote Good Cheer Catering. Good luck with it :)

Jennifer said...

Oops. I had to delete a comment because I posted it under the wrong account. Anyway, that is a fabulous idea! I would definitely hire you. Now to schedule a dinner party.... :)

SNW said...

ooh yes, butternut squash lasagna sounds yummy! and all the rest. p.s. on an unrelated note, loving the reed-o hair experiment, myself. :)

Carver Fam said...



And, do you two really need MORE to do?

Nancy said...

My sentiments aren't busy enough?!?! But I love that you always want to do more and different things. And you're so darn good at everything.