Sunday, May 29, 2011

good morning!

It's 6 am in Burlington, and we're about to get ready to do this.

Christine and I (missing our Jen, who got sick with the same illness that I had during Sugarloaf and sadly had to stay home) had a very relaxing evening here.  We ate dinner at American Flat Bread (best salads and pizza ever), and then watched a crazy lightning storm over Lake Champlain from our hotel window.

The weather is definitely the talk of the marathon.  There are warning signs and pamphlets all over the place about how to deal with high heat and humidity.  Right now the humidity is 90%, and I frankly don't even know what that's going to feel like once we get outside.  I guess we'll run a few miles and make our strategy from there. 

Yesterday at the Expo, while I was waiting for Christine to arrive and meet me, I was able to sit for an hour and hear a talk by Bart Yasso, editor in chief of Runner's World.  He was an incredible story teller, showed photos of his life of running on all 7 continents, and put me in such a good frame of mind for this race.  He stressed all of the wonderful opportunities he's had and people he's met through the world of running, and just made me feel lucky to be a part of this crowd. 

We are about to get dressed and will soon head down to the starting line.  I'll try to update when we're done.  Should be an adventure!


Cat said...

Good luck, Emilie! Hope you have/had fun, accomplishing what you set out to do!

Kirsten said...

You are an inspiration! This is true no matter how ugly the run. But I'm wishing you a beautiful one!

kara said...

Good luck!!!