Friday, May 27, 2011

here goes nothing.

When thinking about the marathon this weekend, and the forecast for high heat and humidity, my inner voice has been stuck on:  "I'm screwed." 

That being said, I'm actually in a pretty good place about all this.  Because though I'd really like to have a little control here, there is not a thing I can do about the temperatures.  I feel equally pissed at the universe about how this marathon season has turned out for me, and kind of bemused about it all, like I want to throw up my hands with a big old "whatever!"  I don't have a burning desire for success anymore.  I feel like I've completely moved on from the mode I was in all winter long.

I know.  My competitive drive is intimidating you.

My new goals for this race are, in order of importance:
1.  have fun!
2.  don't die.
3.  finish.

Maybe "don't die" should be first?  But I'm determined to "have fun" on this course, dammit!

That's my plan!  I'll let you know how it goes!

I'm leaving tomorrow morning.  Please send prayers for a 30 degree temperature plummet, cool breezes, and overcast skies.


Carly said...

Good luck!

kara said...

Good luck Em!

Angela said...

I second the whole "don't die" thing.


PS - You've SO got this!

Kristin said...

Have a great race. Relax and enjoy yourself!

Liesel said...

Have fun!! You can always walk if it gets too hot and difficult. Take it from me - lazy runner.

Jen said...

Enjoy the marathon! This warm weather is sure different than the cold weather we trained in all winter/spring. Take it easy!

Nancy said...

Hi Emilie! I haven't commented lately, but of course, I always find time to read your posts and I had to write to wish you well for tomorrow. It may not be the way you planned things to be, but you did PLAN and TRAIN HARD for a MARATHON and so you have all sorts of strength and experience to draw from. I wish we could be there to surprise you again but we have a messy house and company imminent (plus my sister's about to move so spontaneous house guests would probably not be enthusiastically welcomed). Let the awesome energy of the taiko drums lift your spirits and if the temp soars try to think back to all those long winter runs when you couldn't shake the chill. Be calm, be smart, stay hydrated and ENJOY the experience AND don't die AND finish. You CAN do it all! You rock! We love you! Go, Emilie, Go!

Danielle Frottier said...

Good luck and just have fun!!! You trained too hard not to do well. You will rock it!