Sunday, May 22, 2011

so fleeting and so wonderful.

Considering I was away last weekend and will be away next weekend, I decided to give Sam the gift of a whole day to get some stuff done, and give myself the gift of a whole day with the kids to myself.  We left the house at 8 am and got home at 5 pm.  Despite the chilly weather, we headed straight to one of my favorite places in the wide world:  Sand Beach.

 I love hanging out with my kids at these ages.  Everything is so much more doable. They walk themselves, they cry less, they cooperate, they have conversations with me.  I can walk through the grocery store with them and discuss what we should get for our picnic lunch.  They giggle a lot, shout "WOW"  and "COOL" at every new turn,  and genuinely relish our time together.  I know it's a fleeting stage, so I am soaking it up.

I thought it was cold, because it was (48 degrees). But what can I say, my kids are rugged Mainers who got right into the water.  I had to wade through this stream too, and my feet were instantly numb, but they didn't care at all.

I did not bring their bathing suits.  I guess I should have.
 We dug, we built sand castles, we picknicked, they got really wet and started to finally get cold, so we hiked back up to the car where we changed, blasted the heat AND the Disney Princess Soundtrack (I'm a good mother). 
 We'll be back, Sand Beach, when it's hot and sunny.

From there we went to the playground at the MDI YMCA known to the kids as "Half Marathon playground," since that is the only time they've played there, then to Reny's (it's a Maine thing) to get some new shoes for Skyler.  Reed picked out some new socks.  They both left so happy.

Next stop, the movies!  We went to see Rio (it was very cute). We got settled as the movie was just starting, and I looked to my right to see Reed, his little face glowing from the movie light, eyes wide and mouth stuffed with m&ms, and to my left to Skyler, who looked at me and smiled.  Reed loved his new socks so much that he had brought his little Reny's bag into the movies and was clutching it proudly.  I swelled with love for my time with these crazy, cool kids while they are so little that they can barely hold the movie seat down, but big enough to laugh at the funny parts of a movie and sit still for the whole show.     

As we walked out of the theater, Reed shouted:  "BEST DAY EVER!" And that was before we came home to dinner on the patio and roasted marshmallows by the fire.  And just to keep me from ending the night all sentimental, Jackson got out of the house just as we were coming in and ran away (there is a dead animal that he's interested in under the neighbor's wood pile), and Reed stood on the porch and yelled:  "YOU IDIOT!" 

It's such a good life.   I'm so very lucky.


Liz Fortier said...

This post makes me excited to come back to Maine! So glad you had a great day with the kiddos!

Kim Oldenburgh said...

I want Reed in my classroom. Can you please arrange that in a few years? He makes me laugh every time I read your posts. Thanks for a great bedtime story!

Laura said...

That last part made me laugh out loud!

I miss sand beach so much. It's true that it's just as good (maybe even better) in the "off season"

Carol said...

Emilie, each time I read about your experiences with the kids, I get to relive my own. It is easy to forget or ignore the wonder of the everyday; I love that you honor it, that you pay attention. And, your kids are so funny!

Gretchen said...

I read this yesterday and desperately needed the light at the end of the tunnel after a weekend of crazy at my house. Thank you. I am so looking forward to these adventures, and it's hard to remember that in a week of OMG, Molars, just COME IN already.

Emilie said...

Gretchen, I know. I thought I'd never get here. And just because this will always be so, I miss having little ones like you do, so there. But you'll be beaching it with them before you know it.

Nancy said...

After reading this Alan was impressed on two counts: 1. you've ALREADY taken the kids to the beach and 2. you took your kids to the beach...and gave your husband the day off. Can you see where this is leading?? There you go again, raising the bar...*sigh*.
Personally, I love the undies-at-the-beach look.