Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CFC: day 1

Day one was a smashing success.  I feel fantastic.  I know that it tends to get harder for the next couple days and then easier again at the end, so I'm just enjoying how clean and fresh I feel right now.  And yes, that is after only one day of clean food.

 Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast:  Oatmeal with blueberries and a drizzle of maple syrup.  Coffee with coconut milk and agave (very good!)

Snack:  Almonds.  Peach.

Lunch:  Kale, white bean and potato soup.
Banana with almond butter.

Afternoon:  Smoothie from the health food store made with banana, peach, orange and wheat grass.

Snack:  dried mango.

Dinner:  2 eggs, avocado, organic refried black beans, basmati rice, canteloupe.

I ate dinner after a 10 mile bike ride, so I was ready for a big plate of food.  It totally satisfied me.  I also decided on this more hearty meal because Sam was eating with me and he is, shall we say, not real satisfied by a regular CFC meal.   Last night, he ate a bowl of my Kale soup and while he politely ate it, he was not a fan.  When we were talking about it today, I think his words were:  "That shit is nasty."  The man does not like kale.  It's very sad.

Ta da!  I'm working on my 5th bottle of water right now, but I actually drank about half of my bike water bottle out on my ride, so I might even be over a gallon.  I am finding it waaaay easier to get the water in this time around because of the warmer weather.  I am just naturally more thirsty. 

Hope everyone else is off to a good start today.  Tomorrow is my last day of work, and I'm going to swim afterward which tends to make me very hungry, so we'll see how it goes. 

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Danielle said...

Day 3 for me. Not feeling as energized. Drinking the water is the hardest part. Have two more days. Enjoying reading everyone's posts. It helps!

Jen said...

Way to go with the water and day 1!

Carver Fam said...

Consider yourself blessed that Sam doesn't like kale. More fisher farm yuminess for you! When I make a pan of crispy kale at my house it never really looks big enough for 2 kale lovers.

Ummmm....how did I miss that we could eat EGGS?????? Aren't eggs dairy?

And good job on day 1!!!!

Willow said...

Day 1 was great! I had my wisdom teeth out last Friday, and after days of eating ice cream, sorbet, yogurt, soup and other soft foods, I was soooooo ready for a good "cleaning." I started with overnight oats soaked in almond milk and topped with thawed blueberries, as well as a cup of coffee. Lunch was quinoa with black beans and corn. Dinner was grilled sweet potatoes, zucchini (from my CSA), and a salad with avacado and a dressing made from oil, vinegar, lemon juice and miso paste. I also had some organic tortilla chips (corn, salt, sunflower oil and flax seeds were the only ingredients, so these are allowed, right?) dipped in mashed blackbeans and salsa. I snacked on watermelon, peaches and snap peas. I think I'm going to actually start the blog that I have been considering, so I'll send you a link in the comments.

Emilie said...

wow, Willow! You are doing great! Send me that blog link!

Kirsten said...

Re Sam and the nasty shit: you probably sigh as much as I do. Not really sure that's possible though. The Royal Wedding commentary and the American Idol commentary from your 6ft (+) peanut gallery a while ago were my first clues. :-) I cannot watch a single movie starring Reece Witherspoon in peace in this house. Happy eating! I want that soup!

Willow said...

OK...here it is:


I only have two posts so far, so I guess I better get used to writing more.


Mimi said...

Try kale chips...toss some kale in olive oil, spread it out on a cookie sheet and add some spices. bake at 350 until nice and crispy. i don't like kale and even i like these things...