Thursday, June 23, 2011

CFC: day 3

Moving right along!  Today was a real test because it was the first day I was not at work, and therefore not just eating what I had packed for myself for the day.  It was a bit harder to be home, to be making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Skyler (Reed went to school), and to be near temptations like the Starbucks in Target.  But I did just fine anyway.

Breakfast:  (if it aint broke!)  Oatmeal with blueberries!  Coffee with coconut milk and agave!

Snack:  dried mango (I get the organic non-sugared stuff from our health food store and it is amazing)

Lunch:  Salad with tomato and avocado, a bowl of Tangy Basmati Rice that Suzanne gave me yeterday.

Snack:  blueberries, almonds and some CFC-friendly granola that Suzanne also gave me. 

While cooking dinner:  Rice cake spread with half of an avocado with salt and pepper.

Dinner:  Huge salad with tuna and a roasted, diced sweet potato on top.  Does that sound weird?  It was really good.

Dessert:  Rice cake with almond butter, topped with a drizzle of agave and shredded coconut.

I lost count of the water, but I think I only got 4 bottles down. 

I felt good today, and very productive, but not as bursting with energy as the last 2 days.  While Reed was at school, Skyler and I did some craft projects and a ton of deep cleaning.  We bought a new mop  and then Skyler and I fought over who got to use it first.  True story.  And she got to use it first.

I also took the kids this afternoon to this great place that just opened in Bangor.  The kids had a blast, and were in constant, flushed-face, sweaty motion for 2 hours straight.  It was clean, not over-crowded and just plain fun.  Good job, Maine Jump!

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Willow said...

I'm loving this challenge. I have had a few moments of temptation in the evening when I would normally be eating chocolate, but nothing I couldn't handle. I feel GREAT, and totally get what you mean when you say that your abdomen feels different. I feel it too. I'm on day 4 and I finished a lot of the foods that I made the first few days, so I'm making some new stuff this afternoon. I'll post recipes on my blog (I can't believe I just wrote that):

Thanks again for getting us motivated to do this!

Kim Oldenburgh said...

I love the look of that salad! I have a recipe you might that I just made-it is delicious. I didn't have any cherries, so I just used more strawberries. Let me know if you try it and like it! This site also has some other great recipes that I love and her overnight oats are to die for. I have liked all the recipes Ive tried on her site so far. Enjoy.