Monday, June 27, 2011


Phew.  I'm really glad to be writing this post!

First, here is my food list from the last day of the CFC:

Breakfast;  2 eggs and a big bowl of strawberries
Lunch:  Lentil Soup and a bowl of melon and grapes (eaten at the bagel shop!)
Snack:  almonds, cashews and crans, carrot juice, carrot sticks, apple, hard-boiled egg.

Before my swim:  Bowl of mashed sweet potatoes, with a little maple syrup and salt and pepper.  Not really that good, but gave me energy for a good, solid swim workout.  I swam 1,750 yards in about 35 minutes. 

After my swim:  Big salad made by Sam.

After a busy morning of work for me and Art Camp for Skyler (so cool!  Can't wait to show you what she's creating!), the family drove out to Swan Lake State Park for the afternoon for some canoeing and swimming.

 Jackson was very nervous about Sam and the kids being out of sight.

We love Swan Lake.  We'll even forgive the grammatical inadequacies.  But oooooh.  That really gets me!

Just to keep things interesting during my weekend without Sam, Reed ingested the missing piece of this spoon.  I immediately called my friend Sandi,  our own personal critical care nurse, and she told me what to watch for (perforated bowels?  Yikes.)

I remembered that when Skyler was a baby, I fed her  a whole jar of baby food and only when I got to the bottom of the jar did I realize that it was shattered and there were glass shards inside it.  At the time, my pediatrician assured me that kids can pass all sorts of crazy objects:  glass, nails, screws, without incident.  But still!

We'll call this Reed's own PDOTANFC
(Potentially Dangerous Objects that are NOT FOOD Challenge)

We cannot confirm whether this sharp piece of plastic has exited our Reedo yet, but he is as goofy as ever, so I think he's fine.

Did you do the CFC this time around?  Congratulations!  If you have any final thoughts on how you felt, if you think about food differently, and/ or if you have any future changes in mind, please send me an email or leave me a comment and I'll combine your thoughts with mine in a final CFC post in the next couple days. 

Tomorrow morning:  Bagel for breakfast!  And oh man, you know what else sounds good?  Nutella.

Good night!

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Danielle said...

Love, love, love the photo of jackson!

I did CFC for about 6.5 days. I learned a ton. I was shocked at how my body reacted when I ate things like ice cream and French fries post CFC. I really would like to incorporate some of the good habits I developed into my everyday eating plan. I will continue to journal what I eat. That is truly illuminating. Thanks for putting out the challenge again!

Jen said...

Congratulations on the CFC! You are an inspiration to me.

I definitely think about food differently now that I've done the challenge. I find myself reading all the labels in our house. I even noticed an aftertaste to the splenda today and I've never noticed an aftertaste before.

Joanne said...

Thank you Emilie for your posts! And congratulations again! Your determination and follow through for your own healthy being is so admirable.
My goals crashed last Tuesday at the Wildlife Park. It had something to do with a veggie wrap (veggies good, cheese and wrap not so good) and perhaps the Moose Tracks ice cream cone on the trip home. I did have your green monsters (with either coconut milk or almond milk) every day and I mostly eliminated dairy and meat (kept some eggs and fish). And vegetables, and berries and we signed up with our Farm share out here (Tues pick-ups!) even with several stands around. I'll note to you when I post some other health/eating/recipe thoughts I continue to learn.
Clean food (with spices/herbs) is my favorite food . . . as long as I can add in a little grains and dairy and chocolate (that's a food group isn't it) now and then!

Joanne said...

I meant to write LOTS of vegetables and fruits. I am so happy to see what the USDA has put out for educating people about choosing the right foods - note their site:

So much easier to understand and emphasizing the most important ways to keep sugar/carbo cravings and blood sugar levels in check (as type 2 diabetes is rampant and avoidable along with obesity)

Bye-bye confusing pyramids, especially that last version:

USDA - My Plate - is a very informative site for families and school educating children especially.

Gretchen said...

I feel like there is some joke to be made that Reed managed to eat *actual plastic* during your CFC! (I hope he's okay, and mad props to resisting the lure of the bagel shop on day 7!)

kristin marie said...

I'll second Danielle's thank you. Though sparkly never was achieved here I am really happy with my end result and the new awareness I have about my eating habits. Yea CFC! And I think that picture of Jackson might be a candidate for a canvas print :)