Saturday, June 25, 2011

An Immigrant's Grandson.

I've been collecting some of Reed's great lines and sayings for you.  I just don't want him to ever grow up and stop saying ridiculous things.

--Reed comes into the kitchen and picks up the phone while I am cooking dinner and says:  "Hello?  Is this the kitchen?  Is my dinner ready yet?"

When Reed needs help cleaning up, he says:  "Mom?  Can you handle this for me?"

While walking around the house with an upside-down broom and tapping the ceiling, Reed broke one of our ceiling lamps, a glass globe kind of thing.  It came crashing all around him and was actually really scary.  But he was fine.  Later when we were talking about it, I told him he was going to have to tell Sam when he got home.
Reed:  When will he be home?
Me:  In about an hour.
Reed:  Oh, I hate 'in about an hour'.

Reed tries to choose his own clothes, but he always wants to wear sweat pants and long sleeve shirts all the time.  We try to get him to wear real pants and button shirts, so he'll pick something out and run it by us, by asking:  "Is this very handsome?"

If I accidentally make it known that I'm annoyed with Sam for something, Reed chimes in:  "Daddy is definitely in the dog house."

Reed often refers to the "officer" at his school.  I was confused until I figured out that the "officer" is the lady who works in the office.  With similar logic, he asks me to hang his towel up on the "hooker" after bath.

And here is my very favorite Reedism, ever.

You may remember that the kids ran in the Fun Run on MDI a few weeks ago.  They won a gift certificate for an ice cream cone at Ben and Bill's in Bar Harbor.  Reed took forever looking at the 50+ flavors of ice cream, and then settled on Pink Bubble Gum. 

When we got into the car, and he was happily licking his ice cream, he looked around and said:

"This is such a great country."

My dad was a German immigrant, and what struck me is that he not only would have said something just like that, but he would have said it in the exact same circumstance.   You go to this beautiful place with your family, you get to run around with a bunch of kids while all the adults cheer for your wildly, and then they give you free ice cream, and then you get to choose from a room full of flavors?  What a country, indeed.


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Thanks for that good morning humor!!

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Precious....all of it.

Carver Fam said...

I hope he never stops saying ridiculous things either!