Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sparrow Magazine is a new and really exciting project that my dear friend Kelly and I have been working on for months, and it's finally ready for introduction.

Let me explain.  Kelly and I decided to start an on-line magazine that will feature articles and ideas about all of our favorite topics:  fitness, healthy eating, creativity, and the spirit of adventure.

After many hours of conversations, emails, texts, and chats, we fine-tuned our ideas, articulated our mission statement, and with the help of my brother Chris and Kelly's husband Erik, the website is up.

Through Sparrow Magazine, we will gather and share inspiration for readers to "live deliberately," which means to take care of yourself, your home, and your family to make the space for you to push yourself to meet new challenges.  It will be a wealth of informative and inspiring writing.

I'm guessing you have some questions, so let me try to answer them!

How is an on-line magazine different from a blog?

-An on-line magazine, or emagazine, will be published as an entire issue like a paper magazine.  Instead of daily posts, we will work on entire issues at one time and then will release an issue every few months.  The first "issue" will be released on September 1st.

Why is it called Sparrow Magazine?

-That is a great question! And we explain it in our intro letter on the website.

What will we read on Sparrow Magazine?

-In each issue, you'll read articles written by really smart, creative, cool people.  We will publish articles on fitness, healthy eating, creative projects, financial planning tips, and all kinds of ways to ground yourself.  We will also publish stories of people who did really challenging and adventurous things and who can inspire us all to try something new.

So,  you are not writing for this magazine?
-Kelly and I are the editors.  There are lots of really smart, creative and cool people already working on the content for our first issue.  We will both write little things for the magazine, but our primary role will be as editors.

What will happen to One Mom in Maine?

-Nothing will change.  I will still write this blog just like always, and no one can stop me!

Are you crazy?  How do you have time to do this?

-I can always find time for projects like this that totally inspire and invigorate me.  Kelly is an unbelievable partner in this.  We are completely aligned in our philosophy.  It has been such a pleasure to do this together.

Have I mentioned that Kelly and I have been friends since we were in 4th grade?  That's 28 years. 

Please join us in our exciting launch of our magazine by visiting the site, entering your email address into the mailing list, and "liking" our page on facebook.  While you are at it, have you joined One Mom in Maine on facebook?  You should do that too. 

Thank you for reading!  I'll keep you posted on how things are developing at Sparrow Mag!
Feel free to spread the word.  We would really appreciate it!


lee said...

Sounds really cool! Congrats!

Kate W Crabtree said...

AWESOME project! I'll definitely follow it!

Carver Fam said...

You just get cooler and cooler Emilie Manahart. This is AWESOME!

Liesel said...

I can't wait to read the first issue! and I love that logo!

Emilie said...

Thanks, everyone! My brother Chris designed the logo. We love it!

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on your new venture! I know what you mean about having time to do something that is inspiring. I always say, if you want something done, give it to a busy person. If it's your passion, you'll do it. Good luck!