Monday, June 20, 2011

Smuggler's Notch, day 2.

 Happy Father's Day to Sam!   We started the day with a big breakfast in the Brand family tradition, and I missed my dad very much.  While we ate bacon and eggs, Skyler read a book aloud about Father's Day to Sam, and Reed gave him a magnet with his picture on it.  Adorable.

Before we left for Vermont, Skyler said she had one request for the weekend:  that I did not go running.  I agreed, and even though the weather and scenery were calling me out for a run, I just stayed with the family the whole time.
 We started out Sunday at a different pool, this one is inside on one half, and outside on the other half.

 Unfortunately, Reed didn't make the height cut off for this water slide, but Skyler basically had it to herself and she went up and down, up and down, all morning long.

We spent the second half of the day going back to Notchville, home of the Lily Pad pool and the giant water slide that Reed could go on.  They both ran up three flights of stairs and shot down the water slide for about 2 hours straight, until they were so tired they developed blank, far-away stares out of their goggle-marked eyes.

When they wrapped up in towels to nap on my lap, we concluded it might be time to take them home.  They were plain-old tuckered out.
 We changed into dry clothes, hiked the path along the river back to the car, and reluctantly bid adieu to Smuggler's Notch.

If you think you may want to visit Smuggs in the summer season with your kids, here are my thoughts:  Yes, it's incredible.  There is so much to do that the hardest part is deciding what to do first.  In two full days, we didn't get to everything, not even close.  It was not over-crowded, so we never waited in lines for anything.

Smuggs offers day programs for kids (as in, you can drop off your kids at day camp and then have the whole day to yourself if you wish).  They have teen programs, a nature center, great play grounds everywhere, and walking trails around the mountain to access it all (or a shuttle that will pick you up if you'd rather not walk).  They have nice restaurants and family-friendly restaurants.  The condo that we stayed in was both fancy and homey and very comfortable, very clean and well-cared for, stocked nicely with everything we needed to cook.  They even offer a babysitting service where workers from the daycare will come to your condo and babysit so you can go out to dinner.  It seems they have thought of everything to make you happy.
sun-soaked and ready for home.
 The only downside is that the age-minimum for a lot of the fun activities (the zip line, the climbing walls, and the giant swings) is 8 years old, so that was disappointing for them.  Also, one thing I didn't know ahead of time is that there is a height minimum on all of the water slides and even the bounce house area.  The minimum was 48 inches or 42 inches, depending on the equipment.  Reed was turned away (and there were tears) at two water parks, and he was just barely tall enough at Notchville (phew).

8 year-olds and up would be able to do everything.  My kids kept saying:  "Can we come back when we are 8?"   Clearly, we had a blast and there was plenty to do, but if you want to do it all in one weekend, take your kids when they are 8 and up.

We took the scenic way home, two-lane highways all the way.  Even after we passed the stunning Vermont ski areas, there isn't one ugly stretch of the drive home.   

We made it home in time to pick up Jackson from doggy day care and get to bed at a reasonable hour.  After all, I have to WORK today.  :(

So, now it's time to focus on the Clean Food Challenge and getting serious about training again.

Yesterday we ate at McDonalds (gross), and tomorrow, I start eating clean.  I am definitely in need of a cleanse, and very ready to get started.

I've lost count at over 35 people doing the CFC this time around.  Here is the blog roll, and some people have started blogging about clean food.  Good Luck!

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Gretchen said...

We skied there when I was a kid! It's changed a lot, from then! On height, have you seen the Skechers "Taller" shoes? I am convinced they are for kids who want access to rides they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Jen said...

You have totally convinced me that I need to take the family there! Thankfully Tucker will be 8 next month! and Izzy - well, she's got years to go. But I'm sure she'd have a blast just swimming!

Thank you for the encouragement wit CFC - today seems easier!

kristin marie said...

Looks fantastic! Must be close to the end of school now. 2 things about the CFC - you missed me @homesweetyork not sweethomeyork and what about vegetable broth? Everything I have on the menu has vegetable broth! (exaggerated but not much)

Danielle said...

I am on day 2 of CFC. Feeling ok. Have a bit of a headache, but my energy feels ok. The edamame/quinoa and sweet potato curry soup are great! trying to drink around 100 ounces of water a is hard!

Emilie said...

Gretchen... wow. those shoes! I would have put them on reed, though, to buy him a few inches!

Good job, Jen and Danielle!

Kristin: sorry about the link! fixed! veggie broth is fine! just check the ingredients, or if you are totally hard core (not me), make your own!