Wednesday, June 15, 2011

this and that {and some CFC details}

Here are some odds and ends that I've been collecting.

Last weekend, my sister Liesel did a Century Ride (100 miles) with a gang of her friends in Logan, Utah.  She is second from the left in red.   Her report of the day made me want to do a big bike ride, and it also made me want to have a gang of biker girls to ride with.  What fun.

During the same hours that I was running the Vermont City Marathon, my brother Chris was riding in a brutal 64-mile mountain bike race in Gunnison, Colorado.  It was on very technical terrain on a day with especially high winds;  he reported that it was really tough, but he finished strong.

Coincidentally, my friend Sarah who lives in Colorado had run a 31-mile trail ultra marathon the day before on the exact same trails.

I feel privileged to know and love so many tough people who do  such impressive things.

Skyler and Reed and I went to a graduation party for two of my graduating seniors (they are twins).  The kids got to dunk the big boys in the dunk tank and eat ice cream before dinner. 

Skyler joined a Girl Scout Troop this spring ( Daisy Scouts) and had the award banquet a few weeks ago.  Look at her face to see how she feels about being a Girl Scout.

My mom is such a good Omom to my kids that she will even lie on the driveway to be traced by chalk. 
 How is that for a random collection of material?

Clean Food Challenge Friends:
We now have 29 people eating clean together!

If you will be blogging about your CFC, please email me:  emiliemanhart [at] gmail [dot] com,
and tell me your first name, the state where you live, and your blog address so I can work on the blog list for the CFC posts. 

I'll work on a post for the next couple days that goes over some tips and good recipes for the cleanse.
Stay tuned!