Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome to Smuggler's Notch

Hello, green mountains.

Smuggler's Notch operates under the philosophy that if the kids are happy, the whole family is happy.   We are very happy here.  In the above photo, Skyler is a little annoyed that I made her wait for ice cream, but truly, happiness abounds.

We have been treated so nicely by the Smuggler's folks.  We arrived late last night and settled into the beautiful condo that is probably the nicest place we've ever vacationed.  Reed said:  "This place is bijantic!"  and then "This is the kitchen I've always wanted!"

I spent the morning with the other bloggers hearing some really informative and energetic speakers.  They gave me many cups of coffee and a yummy breakfast.  They gave me Lake Champlain chocolates.    They gave me info on how to maximize my blogging potential, and then sent me on my way for a weekend of fun.

Smuggs passes around our necks, we set out to explore.

We waited out the brief thunder storm from the hot tub on our front porch. Was that safe?
Soon, the skies cleared and the crisp mountain air was back, and we hiked into one of the water park areas.  This one is called Notchville.

Skyler made it across the Lily Pad obstacle about 100 times. We all went down the water slide over and over. 
While we were there, Skyler caught a butterfly?  I mean come on.

We took an afternoon break for Ben and Jerry's (of course), threw some t-shirts over their bathing suits,  and then went to this giant indoor play area called, naturally, The Fun Zone. 

Back to the condo for the night:

I packed all of our own food so we could just eat in the condo.  Both kids silently cleaned their plates and asked for more.  They took a bubbly bath in the jacuzzi in our bathroom, and we tucked them into bed with a movie. 
I made a tray of enchiladas before we left so Sam and I could have an easy dinner.  We heated it up, made a salad,
 and ate our dinner on the screened-in porch with the most beautiful mountain breeze.  
 This kind of weekend doesn't come around too often for us. We don't often relax like this.  It feels good.

There's a Sox game calling my name from a TV that is 4 times bigger than ours at home, and a husband with a cold beer on the couch.

In conclusion, we are having a wonderful time.

Thank you to the kind folks at People Making Good and Smuggs for hosting the blogger weekend, and thank you to all of you for reading One Mom in Maine.  

Are you with me on facebook and twitter yet?  Because those things were kind of mentioned a few times this morning. 

p.s.  I thought Reed was asleep, but he just came out of his room to say:  "Mommy?  I love Vermont."


Carver Fam said...

I LOVE that you guys are there!!! What a place!

"If kids are happy the whole family is happy." So freakin true.

Kudos to you for getting this amazing opportunity BECAUSE you are amazing and you share your life on a blog.

P.S. What GREAT pics!!!

Brooke said...


Briana said...

What a beautiful weekend to be in Vermont!! Happy you had such great weather, I wish I was up there!

Liesel said...

such a well-deserved vacation! It looks so great there. Love the butterfly photos. xo

Lisa said...

Sounds like good material for a new Life is Good t-shirt!