Wednesday, July 20, 2011

dog days

This is a picture of Jackson that, to all of us, represents a successful day.  If we do a solid hike, and/or some lake or ocean swimming, we can achieve this level of exhaustion and satisfaction. 

A cool rest on the kitchen floor on a hot day.

Jackson has just started to mellow with age, has stopped chewing all of our stuff, and can even be trusted to hang out untethered in the yard.  And he's the best hiking companion ever; he runs ahead but stops to check on everyone before moving on. 
smiling for his close-up.

We just dropped him off to spend the next few days with his favorite dog-sitter, our friend Stephani, because he's not welcome in the beach and swimming areas at our campground.  :(

Instead, he'll go hiking all day with Steph and snuggle all night.  It's a tough life.

We're off!


Jodi said...

Love these photos - Dogs are the best addition to the family (even though they can be lots of work) :) thanks for sharing. Have a great time camping!!

Kate said...

My dogs have been doing the same thing - I take it as a good sign! Busy dogs are happy dogs!

SNW said...

He's on the living room floor doing that pose right now, post Chick Hill AND a bonus hike at Dedham School (cool nature trails if you haven't been!) xo