Friday, July 1, 2011

first full week of summer

Well, hi! I took a little blogging break after the CFC posting overload.  I thought about how good I felt after a full week of eating whole, simple foods.  I have some more reflections to share, and still will, but let's just talk about summer fun for a while.

This was our first full week of summer, and it did not dissapoint.  The following things happened this week.  No particular order.

Skyler went to Art Camp each morning from 8-12.  The program was excellent and she loved every minute of it.

I taught two sessions of Creative Writing at a day program for disabled adults, which continues to amaze me.

Reed put his first baseball through one of the garage door windows.  We imagine it won't be his last.

Sam and I got into a crappy fight.  

We made up.  Sometimes big arguments for us serve as a reset button and it makes things that much better between us after. 

I got 6 inches cut off of my hair, but I didn't like the haircut, so 4 hours later I went to a different person at a different salon and got it cut differently. 

Suzanne and I went for a run early the other morning and when I got back, everyone was still sleeping.  It's a beautiful phenomenon that has only occurred a few times in my life. 

Sam did probably 40 hours of work on the yard and gardens and it looks amazing.

I scrubbed two full sides of our house with bleach water to remove a build up of mold. 

You won't be surprised (notice the position I was standing in) when  I tell you that my neck and back are really sore, but the house looks like new.

We went to the Carvers' house for dinner and a campfire.  I ended up at their house after a bike ride, and when I turned my bike onto their street, I could smell the grill and the fire and it made me so happy.  I also had to think really hard about what day of the week it was while I was riding.  I love summer.

fathers and sons

maya has the best eyebrows

Reed's summer feet

Skyler's Art Camp ended with a gallery show of all of the kids' work:

 Skyler with her bud McKayla.
my favorite piece of her work.
And tomorrow is Saturday, right?  And we don't have to get up and go anywhere!

Skyler and Reed are sleeping in a tent we pitched for them up in Skyler's room.

Really fun things coming up:
I'm going to ride my bike all the way around MDI with a group of biking friends on Sunday.
Next week, my mom is taking Skyler and me to New York City to see The Lion King on Broadway. 

There will be blog posts!


Lisa said...

Love losing track of which day it is - good clue that you're in the moment. And I love the 'reset' button analogy. Soooo true!