Friday, July 15, 2011

LiveME giveaway winners...

Thanks for all of your comments!  Clearly, you love LiveME stuff, so if you didn't win today, head over to their website.  OR, go to the Maine Maven in Orono.  I was just there today and they have a good stock.

Okay, the winners!

First prize, a t-shirt of your choice, goes to

Second prize, the camp mug goes to:

And Third prize, the BeerME pint glass goes to:

This one goes to Angela Toce Fascione, who left her comment on FB.

The following 10 people also get a sticker of their choice:  (I used for these too, but it's too much work to post all of the numbers!) 
Casey Monnier
Emily Smith McGee
Bailey Massey
Emily Anne Piccard
Brittany Sisco
Jill R
The Finicky Farmer
Maureen Gauthier
Catherine McDonald

Okay... Winners!  Please email me at emiliemanhart (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll hook up you with the goods.  If you are getting a sticker, please provide me your mailing address and which sticker you would like.  They are on the website.

Everyone else, sorry I can't give one to all of you!  There are more giveaways in the works, so stick with me.  Have a great weekend!