Tuesday, July 26, 2011


No drama to report from today!   I even went for a run with no need for medical attention.

Thanks again and again for all the emails and phone calls and comments about my little incident.

I feel totally fine today.  I was emailing back and forth today with my sister who had done some googling about my symptoms.  She found an article from Running Times that described the exercise allergy and it all seemed to fit what happened to me.  

A few hours later, my friend April sent me a link to a medical report, and check this out:

A distinct subset of exercise-induced anaphylaxis is food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis (FDEIA), in which anaphylaxis develops only if physical activity occurs within a few hours after eating a specific food. Neither food intake nor physical activity by itself produces anaphylaxis.[5]
The foods most commonly implicated in food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis are wheat, shellfish, tomatoes, peanuts, and corn.  (source)

So, I'm going to self diagnosis myself with this:
Allergic Reaction to Strenuous Exercise in Hot Weather Shortly Followed by Shrimp.

I will hereby return to my normal post-race ritual of either a burger and fries or pizza.

To confirm my self-diagnoses, I'm going to my doctor on Friday and will get an allergy workup as soon as possible.   In the meantime, no shellfish for me!  And yes, even my ER nurse pointed out the cruel irony of living in Maine and not being able to eat shellfish.  I am happy to give up shellfish over exercise.

In other news:  Lauren W, who won the LiveME t-shirt and Angela Toce Fascione who won the pint glass never contacted me.  Lauren and Angela!   You have until tomorrow to contact me, and if not, I'm going to give the prizes to someone else via facebook... stand by!


Kerrie T. said...

Hahaha! Okay, I'm sorry, but that is the funniest diagnosis I've ever seen. And also so very accurate! Glad you are feeling okay.

The shellfish in Maine thing is funny, too. Did I ever tell you I have family in Maine? Only been there once...when I was about 7 and I have a very limited memories of it: lightning bugs, thunder storm, a lobster dinner at Nana's house.

Oh, and you'll be happy to know I finished my article. Whew! I bet you'll sleep better tonight knowing this. ;)

Don't get too excited, I need to edit it tomorrow with fresh eyes.