Saturday, July 2, 2011

strawberry fields

The big decision for our day today was:

Strawberry picking?  or the beach?  Because we have a lake day planned for tomorrow (after my big bike ride), we opted for strawberries today.

Suzanne and I took the kids out to Tate's Strawberry farm for some pickin' and some eatin'.

We had the field basically to ourselves and figured that was because it was hot, but when we paid, we said to the guy "We had the fields to ourselves!"  And he said:  "That's because we closed 3 hours ago."  But they didn't say anything because they "figure people drive all this way to pick strawberries and we don't want to turn anyone away."  That's the Maine way. 

On the way home, we stopped for ice cream and goat feeding at Treworgy farms.

It was such a puffy cloud, good friend kind of a day.

With our bounty of strawberries, I'm going to eat some, freeze some, use some for our 4th of July cake, and make a strawberry pie.

We're celebrating the 4th by eating and watching fireworks.. how about you?