Sunday, July 31, 2011

weekend recap.

Don't look now, but today is the last day of July.

We are making serious headway on some of our summer projects around the house, but we also suddenly don't have a whole lot of time left to enjoy the summer.  We spent most of the weekend swimming somewhere in the sunshine, while taking turns painting the decks.  Sam hammered out the front and the side porches.  The kids "helped" for a few minutes out back, but I did the bulk of this one by myself.

When I took this photo, Reed was stuck inside in time out.  Can you see him?

No, no.  Go WITH the grain, bud.

This morning, Sam took Jackson and the kids hiking while I finished staining the back deck, while drinking a lot of good coffee, and listening to NPR.  It was awesome.  I truly found it to be so relaxing. 

We have a little more work to do before I can do "before" and "after" pics, but we are close.

Not much else to report.  I still feel great.  I got my referral to the allergist, but that will be a while.  I went on a fantastic bike ride tonight after it had totally cooled down and the light was all warm and glowy.  I am dealing with the fact that I washed my cell phone in the washing machine on Friday night.  It's, um, not working.

Lastly, here is a look back at my last race...

 3 tiny photos of the triathlon.

When overheard talking about my next race, next weekend's Beach to Beacon:

Skyler: "Mom, how long is the race?"
Me:  "6.2 miles"
Skyler:  "6 miles?  That's nothing for you, Mom.  That should take you no time at all."

That's the plan, kid!


Rowgirl08 said...

Wow - you look awesome in that race and I'm glad you are feeling so much better!

To make you feel better - the cell phone I washed in the washer was the THIRD phone in 3 months that I had ruined. The next phone survived until replaced by an iphone, which I seem to have kept alive for almost two an nearly indestructible case, which makes it too big to go into the pocket, ie doesn't get washed....LOL!

Nitsirk said...

Glad you are feeling better. I take it Sam decided to skip the Sebago Challenge? It was a fun day, sorry to have missed you.

Emilie said...

@rowgirl: that does make me feel better! I actually can't believe it took me this long to ruin a phone.

@Nitsirk: Yeah, we didn't end up going... just too much with all the back and forth we've been doing lately. But we'll meet up with you at a swim one of these days... do you do the Rockland Breakwater Swim?

Nitsirk said...

I was thinking about it but my parents are going to be in town that weekend. I also think I am going to get back to running and biking to try to squeeze in a sprint tri in September. I think it is easier for me to swim 3 miles than run 3 at this point :)