Sunday, August 28, 2011

grand finale.

We are currently riding out Hurricane Irene, which, by the time it got to Maine, had become Tropical Storm Irene. It is basically a very dark and rainy day with some interspersed crazy-hard down pours and high winds. We are hoping not to lose any trees around us and hoping to keep power through the evening when the winds are supposed to be the highest. The kids are working on shrinky dinks. It's a nice stay-at-home kind of day.

We got the most out of our last weekend, and sent off SUMMER 2011 with a bang. 

Friday, Sand Beach.

Remember when I rode the Park Loop Road on my bike in July?  This was one of the most beautiful points along that ride, at which point I shouted out:  "I can't believe I live here!"  I feel that way each and every time we visit this part of Maine.  Amazing.
I also took the kids to Thunder Hole, where you walk down some steps along the rocky coast and stand above a cave.  When the waves crash in, it makes a loud thunder sound.  It was slightly terrifying to stand there with the kids that close to the pounding surf, especially because Reed kept saying how much fun it would be to surf.  Yikes.

Saturday morning, we drove to Rockland, Maine for Sam's longest race of the year.  It was a 3.2 mile ocean swim that goes along this break wall with a beautiful lighthouse at the end of it.  It was a bit foggy, but got more clear as the morning went on.  We walked to the end of the wall and got to see Sam on his way back from his first loop.
We made it to the end and climbed to the top of the lighthouse.  It was beautiful up there.
Right on cue, Sam showed up at the turn-around for his 2nd loop while we were up top (look between the black bars and you'll see Sam's orange cap).  We could see just how much he was in the lead. 
Looking back to shore from the lighthouse:
The lighthouse keeper even turned on the light for the kids, and the fog horn was VERY LOUD from right in this very spot.  They were thrilled.

Sam is right in the middle, making the V formation in the water:
On his way to the finish line, we had to jog along the wall to keep up with him.  We heard many onlookers saying things like:  "That guy is unstoppable!"  "Do you know him?"

Crossing the final buoy, breaking the course record by 3 minutes. 

We don't get to go to many of Sam's races, and it was an honor to be there to see him win and get his awards. 

After Sam's race, I got in a bike ride and then we switched gears to head down to the American Folk Festival for the night.  I left Sam passed out on the couch, and braved the festival on my own with 2 (excited and over-tired) children.  Thank goodness we had just walked in when we spotted Sandi, Suzanne, Ange and Matt and all of their kids.  We quickly became one large group and had a total blast all together.

As we walked through the very crowded festival with 6 kids, I could hear all of the adults, every 2 minutes, doing a head count.  "1-2-3-4-5-6.  Okay, phew."    Or, more often, "1-2-3-4-5.... where's Reed?"

Free milk and cookies from the Stonyfield Milk Man.  He kindly "didn't notice" when we walked past again and had seconds.

Suzanne and Sandi borrowed baby Beckett for some giggles:

 Sklyer dancing with Suzanne's mom Jan.  Adorable.
If you spy some band aids on Skyler's legs, that would be the outcome of running the Breakwater trying to keep up with Sam.

And last but not least, here is Reed breakdancing to the Irish Fiddlers.

And with that, I dragged them both back to the car.  It was a wonderful weekend indeed.

Since I started writing this post, the wind has really picked up.  All of our trees are going crazy out there.  Let's hope we don't have any dramatic crashing sounds!

Hope everyone else braved the storm without incident.  Happy Sunday and end-of-summer to you!


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