Monday, August 29, 2011

Meal Planning: I can do this.

Ironically, I don't cook as much in the summer when I have more time.  I just feel like we are always coming and going, so I don't get organized to get a week's groceries at a time.  Instead, I shop a little here, a little there, we order pizza, we eat sandwiches, it's anarchy.

Going back to work this week means getting back into a routine.  In order to survive, I have to plan my meals and shopping, have enough supplies for school lunches, stock the kitchen with quick, healthy breakfasts for the kids, and aim for ONE trip to the grocery store, and one farm share pick up per week.

I am determined to get back on a meal plan, which means mapping out a week's worth of dinners before I head to the store.  I try to stick with this during the school year, but I inevitably have weeks when I fall off the wagon.  But I am invigorated and determined and ready to go! 

We start today!

Monday:  Turkey, apple and brie sandwiches.
Tuesday:  Sauteed plantains and black beans
Wednesday:  Zucchini fritters and spinach salad
Thursday:  Chicken sausages with Spinach, nectarine and pecan salad.
Weekend:  A big pot of White Bean Chili (if it's good, I'll post the recipe).

Sam and Reed were back to school today while I took Skyler for a back-to-school haircut, some new clothes and (my all time favorite) school supplies!  That is a dream day, right there.

Happy Back-to-School, everyone!


Anne-Marie said...

I have been eying that fritter recipe-- it looks good. You will have to report back. :)

Chris Caron said...

Yum. I just had zucchini fritters at whole foods the other day. They were sooo good!!!

Jen said...

Gone are the days I can just wing it and throw dinner together. Back to reality. I love your menu! Thanks for giving me some yummy ideas. :)