Monday, September 26, 2011

highs and lows

Saturday was a total wash out.  I did a semi-long run in the morning in the pouring down rain.  My shoes made a squooshing sound for the whole (almost) 7 miles and I was soaked through to the skin.

Didn't my mama tell me not to run in the rain when I'm fighting a cold?  Oh yes, she did.  And she tells me often.

Even so, I'm feeling a little better now, and I was supposed to run 10 miles and only ran 7, which proves that I'm still a  reasonable person.

The rest of the bummer that was Saturday included no soccer game for Reed (pouring), Skyler coming down with a fever and general misery which caused us to cancel her afternoon horseback riding birthday party.  Yes, there were tears.

We dried out our shoes, watched some movies, listened to the rain, rescheduled the birthday party for 2 weeks from now, and ate popsicles to make us all feel better.

The rest of the weekend was brightened up by a visit from my aunts and uncles, 2 of whom flew in from Virginia and 2 drove from California.

That's my mom and her two sisters Ann and Ellen

Uncle Al, Uncle Dickie and Sunny the dog.

And me with my two favorite aunts.

We took the kids and the dogs for a ride/ walk on the UMaine bike trails.  It was unseasonably hot and surprisingly buggy.  Just ask Reed, who rotated between:  "I'm too hot,"  "I'm too itchy," and "I'm too tired to ride my bike," for most of the trip.  Jackson and Sunny didn't complain.  They look like long-lost siblings and ran like wild the whole time.

 I tell Skyler that if she keeps making that face to the camera, it's going to end up on the blog. 
We are off into another busy week.  I'll leave you with two funny things Reed said:

A neighborhood kid who comes over to play at our house pretty often mentioned to Reed that his mom wasn't at home.  Reed gave him an understanding look and said:  "Oh.  She's at a marathon?"

Reed colored on 3 pages of paper and asked me to tape them together into a book.  He said, "This is going to be a present for Bella" (a friend at school).
Me:  "I thought Bella wasn't your friend anymore?" (he'd told me so on Friday).
Reed:  "I know, but I thought if I gave her this book she'd be my best friend again."
a few minutes later:
Reed:  "Actually mom, you're right.  I'm going to give that book to Charlotte."


Rowgirl08 said...

You did good on Sat.... definitely compared to me. I ran 6 when I was supposed to do 10 and it was gorgeous, 65, breezy and my only excuse was my music wasn't any good and I was when a cute guy came walking towards me with two cute kids in a jogger I joined them. ;-)

Those are two happy pups! Yay doggies!

I hope Skyler's birthday celebration is so special in two weeks!!

Lisa said...

Aha, so that's where the rain went! Sorry to hear that you had to run in it. I kept waiting, but it never came.

And that dog picture....awesome!

Lauren~ said...

"Oh. She's at a marathon?" - that made me laugh out loud! So great. Sorry you had so much rain!

Elizabeth said...

I love that Reed's shoes are on the wrong feet in his photo--classic little boy stuff!!!