Thursday, September 15, 2011

September catch up.

This facebook post is what I came home to today after a very long and hard day.  Thanks to the very talented Maine Maven for the unexpected and very timely love, and for the reminder to get my butt back on the blog.  Almost a week went by between posts which is not a tremendous deal except that if you know me, you know that's a departure from a norm that has been consistent for almost 5 years.  Something had to give.  I've been pretty stressed.

September is the most beautiful month in Maine.  The air is so lovely and crisp, the sun is bright, the sky a deep blue.  It's one of the best times of the year for running and being outside.  It's also a time of beginnings and fresh starts with a fresh crop of students for me, and new exciting changes for my kids.  But September has come to be a time in my life that is not always so happy.  It reminds me of the loss of my dad, it reminds me of the loss of my best-dog-ever Charlie, it is the end of a really care-free time, and the beginning of a very busy schedule that feels as if it leaves no time to breathe. 

My big girl started 1st grade with ease.  She has her best friend Ella in her class.  Thanks to the incredible generosity of my friends Sandi and Suzanne, Ella's moms, Skyler spends every morning before school at their home.  This makes my mornings so easy, because as I leave her eating her breakfast in the mornings, I kiss her good bye and say:  "Say hi to the girls!"  and she is cheerful and there is no anxiety and I know she is in the most loving hands.

Skyler is swimming on the swim team with Sam and will even swim in her first meet next month.  Is it too soon to start crying tears of pride yet?  Just picture her little self diving off the block.  I promised her a "Go Skyler" sign like the "Go Mommy" signs she always makes for me.  She also had her first piano lesson this week. 

I drop Reed off at pre-school on my way to work.  Reed has also had an easy transition back to school, for which I am so thankful.  He says goodbye to me with a kiss and a confident little wave out the window.  When I arrive on the playground at the end of the day, he runs for me and jumps into my arms.  I know this won't last forever, so it is an especially sweet part of my day.

Reedo's personality is borderline outrageous.  He is getting quirkier and quirkier.  His latest obsession is having us tape him up in this criss-cross manner with medical tape so that he looks like a warrior.  He sleeps with this tape across his chest and cries really big, sad tears in the morning when we won't let him wear the tape to school.   Is there a chapter on this in the parenting books?

He also had a very heartbreaking cry in LL Bean because while we were there to get him a fall jacket,  I would not buy him a girls' lavender fleece jacket in size 2T.  The sleeves came up to his elbows and it would not zip, and yet?  It was the only jacket he wanted.  If they had it in his size, I probably would have gotten it.  We finally, after many tears, settled 0n an orange fleece-lined sweatshirt.  Phew. 

Tonight was supposed to be his first soccer practice ever, but it was canceled due to rain.   That was sad for Reed, but also potentially hilarious, because his team is playing their first game this Saturday, and the kids will have never had a practice.  A field full of 4-year olds playing soccer is up there on the list of cutest things ever.  But they are going to be even cuter in that they will have not a clue what they are doing, but you know they will run their little hearts out anyway.

As for me, I have 5 classes packed full of awesome kids.  I have stacks of essays on my desk.  I am reading The Things They Carried with my seniors and saying things like:  "Is that not the most beautiful passage you have ever read in your entire life?"  I am loving being able to write and talk about writing with my Creative Writers.  My freshmen are eager and excited and adorable.

All good things.  And yet, I've just been having a tough September.  So please stick with me.

Running continues to be one of the best parts of my life.  It gives me a chance to clear my head and relieve some stress. Thanks to the training plans and encouragement from my coach Roger, I've been super consistently getting in the miles both on the road and on the track.   And not to brag or anything, but my legs feel good,  I'm getting faster on the track, and I chased down the speedy middle school boys of the cross-country team while doing my speed workout yesterday, and I smoked them.  It's the little things, people.

This weekend has two great things happening: Saturday is the MDI Half Marathon.  This will be my 4th running of this beautiful course, and my 11th half marathon.  I'm very excited and feel like I really need the rush of a race and a great day with my running friends.

On Sunday, I will be running the Race for the Cure next to my mom.  You may remember that my mom got and beat breast cancer in 2011.  She has been training for this 5K race all summer, and I couldn't be more proud to run next to her.  You can anticipate an over-the-top-emotional video to show you how it all went.


Pattie Reaves said...

Missed your blogs. :) One Mom in Maine is awesome.

Leigh Marotta said...

I had to laugh about Reed's soccer practice being canceled. Vincent's very first practice was last Tuesday but canceled because of rain. His first game was on Saturday. We showed up, the coach introduced herself and said "Okay Team! Most of you have never been on a soccer field before. This is a soccer ball, and see that goal down there? All I want you to do is kick it in that goal!". Vince did awesome, was on top of the ball the whole time and the score ended up being 0:0.

Tricia said...

I'm glad you're still finding time to run. I have barely been able to do anything after I get out of school other than nap, nevermind workout! Hopefully I'll be able to catch a breather soon!

Willow said...

It's nice to see you back. I totally understand how difficult it can be to keep up with posting this time of year. I work at a community college, and our new year begins in the fall as well. That, along with the beginning of school and a new daycare for the kids, is making life pretty chaotic around here too.

Rowgirl08 said...

Missed you, totally understand though. thanks for checking in, making me smile, and understand...fall is a bit tough on me too...but more and more a time to celebrate too. Hope you celebrate Sat and Sun!

bodegabliss said...

Yay! You're back. I was starting to worry about you. Glad everything is pretty much okay and I hope the hectic life settles down soon.

Brooke said...

Hi! I've missed you. Good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

december will mark the 10th anniversary of losing my dad to cancer...i feel ya chica.

fwiw, the army has taken to calling its enlisted "warriors". as in, "way to go, warriors." or "hey, warriors, listen up." i have to say, i prefer the term 'soldiers'. 'warriors' makes me want to cross their chests with tape and send them off to pre-k. ;-)

what part of "the things they carried" are you teaching?

Emilie said...

aw, thanks you guys.

@anon: we are reading all of The Things They Carried. It's so damn good.