Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soccer for Reedo

 When I told Reed that he was going to be on a soccer team this fall, he threw  his hands above his head and said:  "YES.  I'm a big kid."

His time had come.  He's been waiting to be able to do what the big kids do for years.  I guess that's the curse of the younger child; he's watched Skyler be on a soccer team and head off to swim practice and we're always telling him he'll get to do all the cool stuff when he gets bigger.

Well, he's bigger!  But soccer has still been a series of false starts because his first two practices were rained out. 

He's flexible though.  He's just excited to have his new shin guards and cleats and a handsome navy shirt.    Last weekend while I was running the MDI Half Marathon, Sam took Reed to his first game.

They did some drills for a few minutes and then the game started.  Sam said it was pretty funny, but that Reed got right in there and chased the ball. 
 Not sure what's happening here, but good job, Reed!

The next game is Saturday, and (if the forecast changes and it doesn't rain as predicted), I'll be cheering from the side lines.

Other newsy bits:
My body has been threatening to become sick all week, but so far it's just tightness in the chest and generally not feeling great.  I have another half marathon in a little more than a week, so I'd like to just get on with it and get the freaking cold already so I can start getting better.  Many of my students are sick.  It's the inevitable back-to-school cold.

I still managed to have some great runs this week:  one lovely run out in the country , one on trails along the Stillwater (thought of you as always in Orono, Steph) and one on the track during which, well, I ran pretty damn fast.  Fall is such a perfect time to run.

Today I started reading Bossy Pants by Tina Fey and I'm in love with it already.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


The Harmons said...

I read Bossy Pants this summer! It was so good! See you tomorrow!
Leah had 1 week of pre-school under her belt before bringing home the back to school cold!