Monday, October 10, 2011

Skyler's Birthday on the farm.

 When I rescheduled Skyler's 7th birthday party after she was sick 2 weeks ago, I didn't realize that many of her friends would be out of town because of the long weekend.  Luckily, two of Skyler and Reed's favorite friends are sister-brother pair McKayla and Kristian, who were able to come along on our horseback riding adventure, and the four of them had a blast together.  It was also a totally beautiful, warm fall Maine day and I went a little crazy with the photos.  Four handsome kids on a horse farm and they were wearing cowboy hats?  There was no slowing me down with the camera.

Sam with his parents, Joe and Lila
 Skyler was a total natural on the horse, and we think we might send her here for horse camp this summer.
favorite shot of the day.  That is my boy.

McKayla's turn!  Also a total natural.

dudes eatin' pretzels out of their hats.

You try lighting 7 candles in the wind.

Happy happy birthday to my little cowgirl.


Carver Fam said...

those are some great photos. sorry we had to miss it. what a cute cake!

Jonesinmaine said...

Hannah had her party there last year and both girls went to horse camp. We love Kelly at Stone's a great place.