Sunday, October 23, 2011

Skyler's First Swim Meet

 I have a feeling today was the first of many, many days that will be watching Skyler swim in swim meets.  Sam's parents and my parents definitely logged many hours in the bleachers of very warm pools watching us swim, so I kind of feel like I joined that club today.  This is Skyler just after she spotted me up in the bleachers.  She was only a few minutes away from swimming her first event ever, and she was so nervous and excited.
 Ready to dive in for the 25 free.  Seriously adorable.

 There she goes!  She looked great.  Sam has been taking her to practice and I haven't actually seen her swim in a while.  I was so impressed with her little freestyle stroke.  What a big girl.
A blurry shot of a happy and relieved swimmer.

Next up was the 50 free.  Here she is coming back with Sam filming her and her bigger teammates yelling "Go Skyler!"  Again, just adorable.

When she came up to the stands, everyone wanted a photo with our little superstar.  First, Omom.

About seven hours later (slight exaggeration), she swam her last event, the 25 backstroke, which she swam beautifully.  It's a miracle that Reed didn't hurt himself climbing up and down the bleachers, steal any donuts from the concession stand, or that he didn't try to jump in the pool (he wanted to so badly).  We were all very proud.

Other things that happened today:
I carved big pumpkins on the patio by the fire with the kids, Skyler roller-skated and Reed rode his bike up down our street, and we ate a whole container of Suzanne's homemade applesauce.  About Suzanne's applesauce, Reed said "this is so amazing.  It tastes like strawberry shortcake."

I took Jackson for a trail run in City Forest like I often do, and after one mile, he totally disappeared.   I went to my turn-around point at about 2.2 miles and he was nowhere to be found. I was calling him and calling him and getting myself all worried.  I ran all the way back, almost to the parking lot before he came running toward me.  When I got to the parking lot, there were all these nice, worried dog people who saw us and said:  "Oh, PHEW!"  They apparently had been hanging out with him on the trail and waiting to see that he had an owner.  Jackson is usually the best trail running partner and stays right with me, so he must have smelled something especially tantalizing that steered him away from me.  But we had a cute little running embrace on the trail, and all's well that ends well.

Lastly,  file this one in "hilarious" or "miraculous":  On Reed's first report card from preschool, he received all 1s (highest score possible) in the category of "Self Awareness and Self Control." After I saw it, I laughed all the way home.  I mean, do you know Reed?  Self Control.  That is rich.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  It sure was beautiful weather here in Maine.


Carver Fam said...

I'm so proud of Skyler!!! She actually looks like a big kid in the picture where she is ready to dive in. But my favorite is the one of she and Sam.

As for my applesauce tasting like strawberry shortcake, what can I say? I'm a fan of the world according my my godson, Mr. Self-Control...

Sandy Liston said...

So now I break my "blog silence" - Congrats to Skyler on her first swim meet, but I hope she knows why she had such a great day. It's because she is wearing that great IU t-shirt! Mark Spitz would be proud of this up and coming new swimmer! IU and swimming - they go hand in hand. Way to go Skyler!

Kirsten said...

I love that picture of Skyler and Sam. Such a great thing that she's swimming on a team already!