Thursday, October 13, 2011

 Tonight was the third of three nights of parent teacher conferences from 4:30 to 7:30.  It was quite a long week.  Tonight I decided Skyler was coming with me to work.  She stayed busy in the corner making a book of her drawings while I conferred with parents.  She was so good.  She filled my chalk board with her doodles and made a new drawing for my wall.  And she just acted like giggly, happy Skyler the whole evening.  I like take-my-daughter-to-work night.

I hadn't had time to run much this week, but today I was determined to sweat a little bit.   I made it home by 3 today, quickly set out in the pouring rain for 3 miles (it wasn't much, but it felt good), went back home and showered and got back to work in time for conferences. Wow am I tired right now.

Speaking of running in the rain, here is the one and only race photo from the Maine Half Marathon two weeks ago.  That is my "No, I'm not going to smile at you" race face.  Remember, I run because it makes me so happy, can't you tell?
Speaking of running in races,  this weekend is the MDI Marathon that I'm running as a relay.  Last year we had a most spectacular day, and it looks like we are going to have good weather again this year.  Here is the video I made last year of our relay and our gorgeous day.  Watching this makes me very excited for Sunday.


Hanna said...

Loved watching your video. We have exact the same weather in Finland now as in your cool video. Great weekend coming to do some jogging and cycling =o)

Jamie @ couchtoironwoman said...

Aww my hometown! I WILL run the marathon one day.

Good luck this weekend!