Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Trek 2011: I love Mainers

 On Wednesday while it snowed outside, Skyler and I baked 5 pies, 3 to stay at home and one pecan and one apple for prizes for the top runners of the Turkey Trek.
  It was cold and snowy, and I expected less than 20 people, so a turn out of 60 was a wonderful surprise. 
 We collected a car full of food for the Good Shepherd Food Bank.
 My mom came out to snowshoe with us.
 College kids are home and there were many sweet reunions.

 This is Susan, my co-organizer and Missie, my friend and the representative from the GSFB addressing the crowd.  There were about 30 people wearing running shoes, so I advised them just to go for it and plow into the trail that was slightly packed down by snowshoers.  The runners seemed game to get a little cold and wet.  Everyone else was on snowshoes or cross country skis.  I think the Turkey "Trek" earned its name this year.
I think I'm saying:  "Are you sure you want to go out there in your sneakers?"

We paused for a group shot (Jackson too!) before everyone took off into the woods.  This was the first year I didn't run the 4 mile loop (I am fighting a cold) so I just snowshoed for a while and then came back to watch the finishers come in and give out the pies.
Speaking of sweet reunions, all the photos were taken by my friend and student-home-from-college Marlee.  I know.  She looks so beautiful and grown up. 
 This is the first place winner holding my pecan pie.
 And 2nd and 3rd.. and both took home pies.  Wooo hooo!

 A whole group of runners did the entire 4 mile loop in the snow.  They were exhausted and said it was tough to run in, but I bet they were happy later.
 Thank you to everyone who came out.  I wonder if this will be the one-and-only snow-covered Turkey Trek?  At least it was beautiful out there.  Thank you also to those of you who made online donations in the virtual food drive. 

By the way, snow, it's okay if you melt now.  I am not ready to give up running on non-snowy trails for the year quite yet.    Happy Thanksgiving!


Jamie said...

Thanks for putting on the event and an especially big thanks for the pecan pie! It was fantastic! Hope your Thanksgiving continued to be a good one.


Jen said...

Excellent turn out!!! Love that you made pies for prizes.

Michelle said...

How fun to run on Thanksgiving in the SNOW!!!!!!!!!
Julianna and I ran in our Turkey Trott... her first race ever!!!
She did awesome and finished in 38:42. She should get a pie :) !