Monday, December 12, 2011

paging Dr. Freud.

Yesterday I was lying on the couch and Reed crawled into my arms and looked right in my eyes. 

He said:

"Mama, will you marry me?"
I said yes.
"And we can be married and live together forever in our own house?"
I said yes.
Then he hugged me really tight and closed his eyes and kissed me on the lips and said:
"Now we are married!" 

I said:  "Go tell Daddy the good news!" 

Oh, Reed.  Your poor future spouse... it's going to be so crowded!


Kim Oldenburgh said...

My sister, Karen, was certain she'd marry my dad when she grew up. She spent her childhood worrying about what would happen to mama when she married him!!
Reed is a hoot-thanks for sharing your stories.

Pattie Reaves said...

OK. THAT cheered me up.