Tuesday, December 6, 2011

peace, love, and apple pies.

This weekend I wanted to do some baking for some people that I love, and I had it in my mind that I wanted to make individual apple pies, so I searched around and found this recipe for Apple Hand Pies. Apple pies that you hold in your hand. That's adorable, people.

I made 12.

They were delicious AND they are cute to look at.


  Speaking of cute to look at, my boy Reed continues to get quirkier and quirkier.
Here is his incredibly deliberate outfit, deconstructed:  These jeans are the only pants he will wear because they are stiff enough that when he rolls them up, the cuffs don't touch his shoes.  He's also really into this t-shirt that is Skyler's, and he'll cry if he has to wear anything else to school.  Don't miss the dishtowel fastened with a binder clip, which, if you happen to see Reed about town, you be sure to refer to as his "very cool cape!"  And the tattoo on the forearm, well, no idea where that idea came from.   And see that orange peeking out from under his green croc?  That's one of those foam drink coolers that you pull over a can of beer, aka, his "cast."

Last but not least, a Thor sword and shield, which, I found out, he cannot bring for show-and -tell at school because "we don't bring weapons to school" and "you can pick up Reed's toys in the front office."  Right.  I'm a peace-loving person, I swear.   His shirt says "Save the Earth," see?


Raina @ Mamacita Spins The Globe said...

My kids like to play with those foam drink coolers too. They put them on their hands and use them as rock star gloves, or sometimes it's the "spidey glove" and it is believed to shoot webs. Anyway, I think Reed looks totally awesome! And those pies looked pretty darn good too!

Rowgirl08 said...

my resolution for 2012 is to learn to make and use pie crust....that was my Mom's thing and now it's finally time to figure out my way and make those amazing little pies! So hungry after my am erg and those look exactly like what I want to eat now!

Reed and my daughter would get along just fine...I love it!

Unknown said...

It seems our children are related. That, or its just the Y chromosome. Keep your eyes out for a picture of Leo I plan to post on his birthday (Friday)....