Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, part 2.

 Obviously, we got our Christmas miracle and made it to Utah.  Our travels were incredibly smooth, everything was on time or early, and we had clear skies all the way.  Reed was my seatmate and for the most part, he was very good. 
 It always amazes me to fly east to west.  A few hours into the trip, everything changes dramatically out the window.  This was the view just east of Las Vegas. 

We landed in Salt Lake and soon we were in the full swing of Christmas Eve at Liesel's house. 
We got to sit at one table with my mom and siblings and nephews for the Brand family tradition of Cheese Fondue.  Champagne toast to all being together.  Merry Christmas indeed.

 Uncle Craig read The Night Before Christmas to the kids, and then after some cajoling, we finally got our kids to bed at 11, (1 am Maine time!)

And then in the morning, the mountains were waiting for us.  Good morning, Utah.

 Look!  Santa got the memo about where we were this year. 

 New bathrobes!  (Reed wouldn't wear his, even though we told him that warriors wear robes)

my beautiful nephews.

my beautiful sister and mom.

Breakfast and Christmas gifts with cousins.  Does it get any better?

Skyler drawing the sunrise over the mountains with her new art supplies.

Reed's dream come true.

 After all the food and coffee, I felt the need to get out.  I ran just shy of 4 miles; it was hard up here at 7,000 feet.  But the sunshine and fresh air felt sooooo good. Hope everyone else had a fantastic day.


Rowgirl08 said...

Yay you made it!! OMGoodness, you ran 4 miles your first morning there?!? You kick butt momma....7K ft always kicks my butt until I've been there for at least a week!

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous, peaceful shot of the view from your sister's home. I'm in the Northeast, so know we too have some beautiful areas, but that is breathtaking.

Sounds like a great, recharging kind of trip :)

kristin marie said...

The picture of you in your running gear after the super heroes is great - it took my brain a few seconds to register that you weren't another action figure. Super Mom?