Saturday, December 17, 2011

women, wine, and christmas cookies

I think it is so much fun to decorate Christmas cookies, but all that ever happens when you have small kids is that you end up making cookies with the children who are very messy, so the possibility of beautiful cookies is traded in for ugly cookies piled with three inches of sprinkles and then sticky-fingered children who eat too much sugar while they are decorating and then get wired and you end up with over-tired, high-strung children having tantrums.  And a really messy kitchen.

So I wanted to decorate cookies with my friends when there were no children around and that is just what we did.

Due to a long story about kids, babysitters, and the dads who had plans to go out separately (but then didn't), my friend Lindsay offered to have the party at her house so I didn't have to bribe my kids to stay upstairs while I was decorating cookies with my friends downstairs. So I packed up all my cookie stuff and we had ourselves a party.

I rolled out and baked 140 cookies.  Yes I did.

I love my friends.  There was wine, delicious food, some cut-throat cookie decorating, some trash talk, an ugliest-cookie contest, lots of laughs and banter.  Just what a girl needs.

See the really intense blonde piping the blue frosting?  That's Suzanne.  She kind of put us all to shame with her work ethic and cookie-decorating spirit.

 accidentally matching with Lindsay.  :)
I decorated all of the cookies on that tray.   Okay, FINE.  Suzanne did.

These are mine.  I am proud of three of them.

See this cookie?  I made it. The technique is actually very complicated and takes an extremely steady hand.  And if you could buy such a cookie in a bakery it would be VERY EXPENSIVE. The girls told me it reminded them of Spiderman and that is just NOT what I was going for. 

It turns out that there is a rather large gap between the kind of cookies I can make in my imagination and the cookies that I actually make.  But I have these great friends.  Merry Christmas.
And oh crap it's almost midnight and I have to run a Christmas pageant rehearsal in the morning.  Good night!


Elizabeth said...

I hope you are going to bring some of those delicious looking cookies to Utah!!

Rowgirl08 said...

Just lovely....what a wonderful idea....along with the being brave post too...hmmm, lottery for the 2 person relay is still open here in VT, although that 15K all downhill in ME sounds awfully nice. Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Happy, happy holidays Emilie, keep following your heart this season and into the new year. :-)

Jamie said...

Love the shirt! I have the "Hike" one! I can't wait until they make a "Run" one, even though I don't often run in Maine.

Carver Fam said...

"Really intense blonde." I think I kind of love that description of myself.

That was fun!!! Let's do it again without having to wait for a holiday. Thanks to you and Lindsay for doing it and all the work you put in.

P.S. I LOVE that picture of Lindsay. The first one with her dimples. Adorable.

Lisa said...

Hi women! Lovin lookin at your cookies over here in Japan and also wondering...the girl with the funky black dress with the circle design - Where did you get it? I want one, too! Please tell me! :D -Lisa

Laura said...

Ooooh, so true. Cookie baking without kids sounds amazing! Just found your blog, and enjoyed reading!