Friday, January 27, 2012

and Jesus said: "this is so boring"

Some recent adventures in parenting:

•  I was writing an email to my professor the other day when Skyler asked me whom I was writing to, so I told her.  This led to a series of questions about how it is that I AM a teacher and yet I HAVE a teacher, and what was this teacher teaching me?  She concluded the conversation with this:  "Let me get this straight:  you are a teacher getting taught by a teacher about teaching?"  Correct.

•  Last weekend I was reading on the couch and I fell asleep for probably ten minutes.  During that time, Reed took out a half-filled gallon of milk to make himself some chocolate milk.  He did this by adding chocolate syrup TO the entire milk jug.  He was very proud.

• Sam recently replaced the shower-curtain hooks in both bathrooms.  Reed noticed, and commented that he loved "our new hang-gliders." Kids sometimes just make perfect sense.   This reminded me that Reed also calls the hooks on the bathroom door "hookers" which reminded me that when my nephew was little, he told a friend that his dad was a "hooker,"by which he meant that he is a fisherman.

•  When we were in Utah, Reed was complaining that his ear hurt and he thought it was because "there is something in there.  I think it's a wood chip."   We all had a good laugh, and I looked in his ear and didn't see anything.  The next day we went swimming and he complained about his ear again.  And the next day, he was still complaining.  I borrowed a pair of tweezers from Liesel and went into his ear.  I pulled something out.  It was a wood chip.  Problem solved.

 •  Skyler made hot chocolate for Reed last week.  When Reed wouldn't drink it, she asked:  "Is your hot chocolate too hot?"  He answered:   "No, it's too medium."  Which is an interesting problem.

• Skyler still constantly sings the songs from our Christmas pageant, especially in the car.  While listening more closely the other day, I realized that when she sings "Go Tell it on the Mountain" she was actually saying:  "Go tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ is bored."  That kind of changes the meaning of the song, doesn't it.

And one from the classroom:

One of my seniors asked me if I was going to give him any credit for his final project on Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close even though it was (his words) "extremely lame and incredibly late."

Today is a SNOW DAY, so here is the scene around here:

Happy weekend, everyone!


Michele said...

Your children are sooo adorable! I miss them!

ltlindian said...

On your senior--I would give him a bonus point or two just for the witty comment! :)

Love the wood chip story. Smart kid.

Nancy said...

I love all of these! I think Alan will particularly appreciate (and sympathize with) Jesus being bored [although I suddenly just realized that you have now put that song back into my head and it's going to take a week to get rid of it again. Gee thanks.]. I really want to get back to my blogging--hopefully this weekend...meanwhile, I'll catch up on commenting on other peoples' blogs.