Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cold snap.

I'm still here!  It has been a busy week with tons of grading as it is the end of the quarter and I also started a new grad class that looks like it's going to be a lot of work.  I've been getting it all done, though, and I'm still running, too.   

Tomorrow starts the 18-week training plan for the Sugarloaf Marathon, and today was a marathon-training kick off run with this brave and bundled crew: 

Ashley, Libby, Roger, Rachel, me, and Tom.

Ashley and Libby are training for their first half marathon, Tom and Rachel are training for their first full marathon, and Roger, my friend and running coach, is training for his, um, like, 25th marathon?  Ashley and Libby are my students, Tom and Rachel are my former students, and Roger is dad to Libby and Rachel.  Did you get all that?

Today is also Ashley's 18th birthday so I made her run with a tiara over her hat.  

We are all running the Sugarloaf full marathon or the 15K, and we wanted to get in a training run together before Tom and Rachel went back to college.  So... we had planned to run this morning and I was proud of us for doing it considering it was 0 DEGREES.  None.  Not one degree. In fact, with the windchill, I don't even want to know what the temperature was.

It was very painful for the first half mile, and then I swear to you, I warmed up and it was lovely to be out in that cold, crisp air.  The sun was bright, no one was out on the roads, and it felt so good. I had hand and foot warmers and 4 top layers, and I was perfectly comfortable.   My Garmin FROZE and wouldn't work, so I don't know our pace but these guys are all faster than me, so I think we ran at a decent clip.  We ran 4.5 miles, just enough to justify going out for breakfast after.

Marathon Training day -1.  Check!

I'm hoping that the mostly mild winter we have had so far will resume.  Even the lack of snowfall hasn't bothered me this year because I've been able to run trails almost non-stop this whole winter. 

I am feeling excited to be on plan starting tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted on how this training cycle goes.  Now, more coffee!


Kirsten said...

Hi Emilie!
I am teaching your blog right now. Thanks for the great post and pictures! You are a fabulous example. :-)

Emilie said...

you are teaching my blog? whatever do you mean??? :)

Kirsten said...

I got on here to clarify since I was writing that comment while teaching--showing my students how to comment on a blog. They are about to start their own and I showed about 10 samples and yours was one of them. I went to yours on a whim, thinking of people who employ a good combination of pictures as well as writing. Hope that's ok!

Emilie said...

that's fantastic! Thanks for thinking of me! xo